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Mark Perotti
Just some guy on the Innernets and stuff, y'know?
Just some guy on the Innernets and stuff, y'know?

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Episode 06 of our Comic Strip AP for Dungeon World is here! It's high tea at Mhaug's Hogs! 

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It is arrived! #ApocalypseWorld 

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Discern Realities is back! Episode 37 is packed with good stuff, including a terrific discussion about facilitating emotional play in Dungeon World and a big surprise in the AP.

A reminder: our CC contest is going until midnight on the 15th. You can send your entries to

Cc: +David Guyll +Melissa Fisher +Maxime Lacoste +Daniel Fowler +Slade Stolar


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I love this podcast! Give it a listen.
Friends, I'm excited to announce the latest episode of +1 Forward. This one's all about Spirit of 77 by Monkeyfun Studios. +David K. has some of the best voices I've heard in a game in a long time!

Folks, listening to Discern Realities Episode 33, and I have to say that the Flail Snail is a real monster from 1E AD&D. I can take a picture of the entry and post tonight if anyone is interested. 

Howdy, Gauntleteers!

I just want to let the community know how much I appreciate all of you, and the podcasters in particular. I've said before that I found you through the Dungeon World podcast initially. From there, I've branched off to subscribing to the other podcasts here as well. Now, my podcast subscription list numbers in the dozens, but I must say that I instantly click "Play Next" for only five as they show up in my queue - Discern Realities, The Gauntlet Podcast, +1 Forward, Pocket-Sized Play, and one other from a non-affiliated podcast (I can name it if there are no objections).

The quality of the podcasts here is exemplary, and I eagerly anticipate the new episodes. I'm more of a lurker here, but love following the posts. Keep up the fantastic work! 

I've had a game concept rattling in my brain for a little while, ever since I picked up and read #DungeonWorld, and I'm wondering if a similar #PbtA game exists already.

Back in 2E AD&D, a setting called Birthright existed - perhaps you may have heard of it? Anyway, the idea was that each player's character was the ruler of a region. Each turn, the leader made decisions for the military, economy, and other domestic and foreign policies. Each player took their turn, and where conflict arose, dice were rolled.

Anyway, I thought that perhaps this could be made to work in a PbtA system by stitching together Dungeon World and Legacy - Life Among The Ruins. Of course, the Family moves from Legacy might have to be amped up to fit a Kingdom/Principality/Earldom/etc..

Just a thought exercise, but I'm curious if anyone had done this before, or what your thoughts may be.

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Episode 23 of Discern Realities is jam-packed with good stuff. In this one, we continue our discussion of Fronts and announce the finalists of our location-based custom move contest!

Here are the time codes:

What Happened Here Recently?
Talking to inanimate objects (00:24)

What Should I Be On the Lookout For?
The Gauntlet family of podcasts (03:26)

What Here is Not What it Appears to Be?
Fronts - Part Two (05:57)

What Here is Useful or Valuable to Me
We announce the finalists and winner of our location-based custom move contest (15:47)

What is About to Happen?
Our ongoing comic strip AP featuring the adventures of Lucero Castafiel (26:07)

Lucero’s signature weapon (26:58)

“I may not be the smartest…” (27:46)

“…but I can kill things real good.” (28:35)

The orc one-eye (29:16)

“I am the man, stinking of the cave from which I crawled!” (29:56)

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Love the ideas presented in this post. 
Dwarves are one of my favorite classic fantasy races. There are so many things about them that are loveable. But, they fall into the cliche pretty fast, especially if we don't spend time worldbuilding to make them more unique and stand out on their own. I made some dwarven cultures that you're free to use or to help launch your own imagination in developing your own.

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I am delighted to present the first episode of Pocket-Sized Play!

This show is the result of a collaboration between +Tim B +Timothy Bennett and +Tor Droplets. They came to me and said they had an idea for a podcast that was partially inspired by the 'comic strip' AP segments on Discern Realities and +1 Forward. Their idea was to play and record a full session of a game, and then edit it down to roughly 30 minutes of compelling fiction. It is short-form AP, where the mechanics are highlighted during play, but the focus is on the story. I loved the idea, since short-form AP was quickly becoming part of what the Gauntlet was known for, and now here we are!

The team's plan is to do both one-off games and multi-episode arcs of a single game. The show will be labeled so that, down the road, you can skip around and listen to the episodes from a single storyline that interests you. To start, the episodes feature Tim, Timothy, and Tor, but they are looking at having guests for the future. If you're interested in joining them for a recording, just drop one of us a message.

Availability on iTunes, and thus all the podcast apps, is coming! Watch this space.

I've been able to listen to the first few episodes, and I think they're onto something really cool! In this first one, they play The Warren by +Marshall Miller. Enjoy!


Time Codes
00:00 Opening
00:57 Character intros
01:44 The Green & The Gray
05:35 Pigeons
10:41 A promise of treats
15:13 Screecher
17:40 On the other side
20:39 Delicious, velvety rabbit
23:55 Closing thoughts

Purchase The Warren

Twitter: @pocketsizedplay
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