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Tokyo, it's better by bike.

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How Suburban Tokyo Promotes Cycling (without even trying)
Cycling enjoys a 14% modal share in Tokyo one of the worlds largest mega-cities. While other cities can boast higher figures the fact that, in one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world, 14% of all trips made in a day are made by bicy...

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Night Pedal Cruising Christmas Ride Deluxe 2014 in Tokyo
Ho Ho Ho! festive cyclists! Its time to dust off your Santa outfit (or obtain one if you don't own one already, shame on you!) and decorate you bike with lights, tinsel, mistletoe and whatever else you can think of because the annual Night Pedal Cruising Ch...

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Inokashira Park Declares War on Bicycles (for a few weeks)
Tokyo's Inokashira Park has always been a popular cycling destination for families but it seems authorities are hell bent on putting an end to that. Over the summer months my family and I would often cycle along the Kanda River to its source, the lake in th...

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Rainy Afternoon Cycling in Tokyo
So it rained in Tokyo last Saturday which game me a chance to fit a new set of Tioga Factory FS100 tyres to my Giant STP. Of course when the job was done I couldn't resist the opportunity to try them out in the wet conditions. While out and about I stopped ...

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A rainy afternoon ride in Tokyo.

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Tokyo to Promote Cycling Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced this week that it aims to encourage more people to cycle and that it will double the length of bike lanes in the city before the 2020 Summer Olympics. As always they released no details of exactly how they expecte...

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From the Night Pedal Cruising Halloween ride in Tokyo.
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Because everyone has an opinion of cyclists, and its not always an informed one ...

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Which city in Japan has the highest rate of bicycle theft? (Personally I'd like to see statistics on how many bicycles are recovered after being stolen.)

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Cycling is different in every city around there world, here are some tips for those new to cycling in Tokyo.
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