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Transferred from Jersey to Utah
Thursday July 2, 2015 It was weekly planning day and also TAC
(apartment cleaning) day. Part of TAC is packing up a few of your things and
getting ready for transfers. Well, I started packing for the
biggest transfer that I'll have since January of 2014. It...

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Departing pics of my last week before heading home!
Lunch in Central Park. Guess who? American Heritage school choir on tour from my home town. Tempe Trip with the Castellanos. They received their endownments and will be sealed soon! Ellis Island. We actually hiked the statue and toured rather than worked th...

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Memories might fade, but the friendships are for eternity
6/15/15   This week was super great and super
difficult. Last Monday we didn't
have a PDay because we found out that the date that Sister Palmer and I would
be going to the temple with our recent convert had to be changed because of the
member who was going...

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How Soft is Your Soil?
6/8/15 In the Parable of the
Sower there are three different places where the seed of testimony is cast. 1. Stony Ground 2. Thorny Ground 3. Good Ground As we know, those who
were cast among the stony ground took up no root. It was cast among the stones
" w...

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M.I.A. continued
Monday 18 May 2015 : Even though it was a Pday we had a lesson in
the morning with our progressing investigator,
Marisel. She loves the gospel. She is golden. After the lesson with
Marisel, we went to Hermana Realpe's house where we were going to get our na...

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6/2/15  “ Missing In Action” I am so sorry for not
being able to update you on how I have been doing. You probably think that I am missing in
action. ;) Quite the contrary. I couldn't have been more
the work of the Lord that is ;) I'll give you...

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The Unstoppable Train
After a week of starting
over, the blessings have accelerated and the work of the lord is unstoppable.
In fact, we are like a train. An unstoppable train. We are a full steamed
locomotive! ALL ABOARD! We are
headed to the Celestial Kingdom and all are invit...

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The Train
We are a train. With a new start last week we started off
chugging, but we are rolling at full speed now! On Tuesday, I was asked to give a training in district meeting on
'revelation'. Before the training I wasn't feeling too inspired. I studied my
best, p...

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Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges!
Sister Cadizal.  She's from the Philipines. I know that Heavenly Father inspired this exchange....not for her, but for me. :)   I learned so much from Hermana Jensen. What an incredible missionary!  I love her so much! Me, Hermana Jensen, Hermana Danes, Her...
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