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Shawn Moyer
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Partner at Atredis Partners

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What I talk about when I talk about Consulting
Note: this post has very little to do with Atredis as company. The only relevance being a part of a consultancy has on this tirade is that its existence has positioned me to be invited back to BlueHat for a second year in a row to talk about whatever seems ...

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Here Be Dragons: Vulnerabilities in TrustZone
In June we presented on vulnerabilities in the Qualcomm & HTC implementations of TrustZone at  REcon 2014 . We have been patiently waiting to drop the research to those interested, and now that Vegas is behind us, we can finally do so. Why the wait? Well, a...

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Here's something no one will tell you. Unless you have circumstances beyond your control that force you to do so, don't buy a pentest in Q4.

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From the comments: "About six months ago on a flight to NY I checked an old duffel and received a kind note from TSA informing me that the condoms in the bag had expired. Considering they were from circa 2004 I was not surprised, but I did keep the note as a reminder."

Seriously, that's a value-add, right? Or at least a value, since beyond that TSA provides none...

If the threat we're fighting in the disclosure war is the lack of famous security researchers, we're definitely winning. If it's anything other than that, it might be time to come up with a Plan B.

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