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Club Dead: Chapter 13 - Danger at the Gas Station
Eric and Sookie are walking to their sweet, sweet ride when Eric calls Sookie out on constantly bailing out on Bill. She tells Eric to mind his own fucking business and that from now on, she's just going to hang out with normal, breathing people. Eric basic...

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Club Dead: Chapter 9 - Stake to the Heart, and You're to Blame
Sookie is getting ready to whore up again go to Club Dead. Instead of wishing she weren't involved in all this bullshit (dating vampires, going to werewolf clubs, finding dead bodies in closets), she instead wishes she were attending a regular, run-of-the-m...

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Club Dead: Chapter 12 -
Holy shitballs, it's been a long time between posts. Urg. I was honestly having a hard time facing Sookie again. But, as season 7 of True Blood approaches (the final season!!), I have decided to be a better person and put my nose to the grindstone. Anyhow, ...
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