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I got a new Samsung Galaxy tablets 4 

what is a good Samsung galaxy tablet I can buy ? I have right now is a Samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0. it's all update and I there's no way of me update it more. so next is I going buy new Samsung galaxy tablet.

What do I need for update my root? I have samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0 4.2.2 GT- p3113. Can you please help me thanks.

What does root do after you done with update it? Because I want to known more information before I updatd my Samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0.  because I have 4.2.2. GT- P3113 mode

Is there a way to update my samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0 if I have 4.2.2?

Does any one use
NoRoot Firewall app before? Wounder does really work good on version 4.2.2 on Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0? Or has use and still using that app today?

Hey I was wondering if the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 has new update coming out this year of this 2014? Have the version of 4.2.2 right now. So if you can please answer my question that be great!
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