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What are your thoughts on the First Steps to take when starting your financial literacy journey? Mine are:
1) Set Goals
2) Track your spending, savings, and income
3) Open an online savings account
4) Contribute to your 401k to get (at least) your employer's match
5) Build an emergency fund

What about everyone else???

I posted those thoughts in more detail here...
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+AmOne Money - I think that's a great one. Might even need to be #1 because you can't start somewhere unless you know a little bit
Sometimes talking to your spouse/significant other can be helpful too. If you have someone to hold you accountable for financial responsibility, that can be beneficial as well.
I recently discovered via Brian Page @FinEdChat that Investopedia has some good, short videos on some basic investment topics - like "What are stocks?" I think they're well done and serve as a quick, gentle introduction (also useful if you're looking for ways to explain these concepts to older kids). Here's the stock one as an example: Investopedia Video: What Are Stocks?
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