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Brian Baier
Archival specialist, Photographer, Lover of Table Top Games, Time Travel, and Lazer Tag.
Archival specialist, Photographer, Lover of Table Top Games, Time Travel, and Lazer Tag.

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I was directed to Scrivener being 50% off today.
Q: Is Scrivener applicable to game design? Have any of you ever used it in design? I keep a lot of my random design notes in text documents on my desktop and on Google drive, but maybe this is a better, more organized way?

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Il Vecchio is down to $22 right now.
I've watched reviews on it, and they all tend to say it's a good solid game, fun and interesting. They also tend to imply it's nothing new, and the designer's previous game Goa might be better. Overall, if you don't already have a good "pick up & deliver" Euro, a relatively light one, this is a good option to fill that niche (and at a good price).

BGG rating: 7.03
BGG link:

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I finally finished a three player run-through of Noblemen, after hours spread over days. I think I like it, but it has a hitch. 
Simply put, I have had an easier time remembering the rules to more complex games. While the iconography began making sense after I got going, there were conditional effects aplenty that routinely sent me back to the rule book.
The real test will be competing against other people willing to go at least a couple games in a row.
How does this compare with other experiences?
(Incidentally, the player I decided would focus on gardens won, by a pretty wide margin.)

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I think this is the lowest I've seen these two on Amazon:

Star Wars - Imperial Assault
Price: $66.25 Free Shipping for Prime Members
(List Price: $99.99)
You Save: $33.74 (34%)

Legendary Villains: A Marvel Deck-Building Game
Price: $44.62 Free Shipping for Prime Members
(List Price: $59.99)
You Save: $15.37 (26%)

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The majority of my collection, not quite yet an unpacking priority, quietly waiting in their new home. #boardgames #patience

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Another Massdrop bundle, my first, I had been wanting to add a few more cards/dice to my small pool, so I took the bait on this. Currently, it's the same I'd pay over Amazon Prime, but it could get as low as $8.53 after shipping.

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Storm of Souls has been $80-$100 for some time on Amazon. Now, it's finally down to a manageable price of $39, if you've been holding out hope for a new copy. ($45 with shipping)

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I can't believe he left out Pergamon. I question this "expert."

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Playing a very casual cube and this monstrosity resulted. He was quickly dispatched.

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On review, I was disappointed it was only RISK they were playing @ :55, not Pandemic as I had first thought. But then I realized: RISK is totally a hipster game.
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