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Show Some Love to Your Favorite Charities on Valentine's Day!

#charity #education #LosAngeles

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Black History Month Mandela Quote IHADLA Image

At IHADLA, supporting disadvantaged Los Angeles youth to complete their education is our primary goal. Education changes lives and communities.

We LOVE this quote: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" ~ Nelson Mandela. Black History Month.

#BlackHistoryMonth #Education #Mandela

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*Eric Butts Writes Why Are There Still So Few Black CPAs"

At "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Los Angeles (IHADLA) we work to help disadvantaged youth to see possibilities.

A perception of possibilities has much to do with goals. We open minds with field trips and bringing in speakers.

As Eric Butts points out, mentoring and sponsorship are often essential ingredients.

We are proud that our IHADLA program alumni include black CPAs.

Thank you +Eric Butts for an excellent article.

#CPA #Education #Philanthropy

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Matthew Lillard Hosts Charity Bingo FunRaiser to support Education NonProfit IHADLA's Los Angeles At-Risk Youth

January 22, Sunday. West Hollywood Hamburger Mary's. Their Legendary Bingo is always fun! And this is for a great cause.

“I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) sponsors an entire class of at-risk third graders at an underserved school in a low-income neighborhood, regardless of each student’s academic level or learning challenges. Through our programs, we empower underprivileged youth to become successful young adults.

Staying with our students (“Dreamers”) through high school and then to and through post-secondary education, we make a long-term commitment to provide free year-round programs, services, and individualized case management for 10 consecutive years. We have recently launched a college and career program that helps college students stay in and finish college and find work.

The Foundation provides a comprehensive whole-child education program that prepares students for higher education and a successful and empowered life through academic support, social-emotional development, college and career prep, campus visits, tutoring, cultural enrichment, prevention programs (drug, crime, and pregnancy), and one-on-one mentoring.

When our Dreamers graduate from high school, we offer them a scholarship for college and other forms of higher education.

Thank you +Matthew Lillard

#education #incomeinequality #losangeles

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Education Changes Lives Watts IHADLA Kids Saying Thank You

From the mouths of our youth on how the education charity "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Los Angeles has helped them.

This year-end words of gratitude compilation was filmed with the IHADLA Watts program Dreamers and their program coordinators, Lupe Camberos and Alberto Campos along with their associate program coordinator Kylia Lewis.

The “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) education nonprofit sponsors an entire class of third graders at an underserved school in a low-income neighborhood, regardless of each student’s academic level or learning challenges. Through our programs, we empower underprivileged youth to become successful young adults.

Learn more about how you can help by mentoring, volunteering or donating: We depend on philanthropy to bring whole child education to these youth.

Listen to what our Dreamers have to say about our programs and our staff and you will understand why I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles is one of the best nonprofits in LA. After school programs promote STEM, team building and many of the important elements of whole child education for both boys and girls.

Kids saying thank you.

#educationcharity #watts #philanthropy

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A Dreamer's Story to Help You Understand Why and How the IHADLA Educational Support System Works.

Hearing Jazmyn's story helps you understand how what we do and how the I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles educational system system works to break the cycle of poverty in LA.

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National Recognition for I Have a Dream Foundation

We are so proud that I Have a Dream Foundation Dreamers were invited to the White House to meet with Michelle Obama and attend the Beating the Odds Summit.

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Computer and Technology TechRadio Podcast Talks Amazon Smile and Gives IHADLA a Thumbs Up

Every Saturday noon to 12:55pm PST, the Computer and Technology TechRadio show is available live. It’s fun to listen live, and tweet with the hosts +Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen as well as the other listeners. This show is always lively, entertaining and informative.

Computer and Technology TechRadio show usually starts out with recent tech news. There is always a “buy of the week” discovery segment delivered by Marc Cohen @RealMarcCohen. And the last 5-10 minutes is always about TV and film as available through live streaming and otherwise. You will find a reflection of what is being talked about on the show in a TechRadio Twitter stream searchable with the hashtag #TechRadio. On July 30th, the day I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) was first mentioned, #techradio was a “trending” hashtag on Twitter.

Co-host Marsha Collier is well known on social media as an influencer in the fields of marketing, social media, tech, cars and more. Her Twitter and Instagram handle is @MarshaCollier. She has sold over 1,000,000 books as an expert in e-commerce, especially eBay, and customer service. (Marsha also hosts a very popular Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 6pm PST called #CustServ).

Most of Marsha Collier’s 30+ books are from the e-Bay for Dummies series published by Wiley. As Marsha has pointed out on her Computer and Technology TechRadio Show, eBay is a good place to earn extra income. With her easy to digest 9th edition of her classic book published this May, you can learn how. A good selection of Marsha Collier’s books are listed here on Amazon.

Sometimes there are tech related guests on the show. On July 30th, Mark Jeffrey, Founder of Guardian Circle, an app that helps you keep your loved ones and close friends safe, was guest.

The Computer and Technology podcast is archived on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-in, iHeart and WSRadio. New archives are available each Monday. (links on our article).

On July 30th Amazon Smile came up in discussion on the podcast and IHADLA was recommended!! Co-host Marc Cohen mentions that I Have a Dream Foundation – LA is one of the choices on Amazon Smile and Marsha Collier confirms that we are a “great charity”.

To Listen to Computer and Technology TechRadio Live on Saturdays at Noon PST
Just before noon pst, go to You will see two studios with listen live buttons. Computer and Technology Radio is always in Studio B. Click on the listen live button and the show will start. You can also download the WSRadio smart phone app to listen to this podcast live wherever you are.

#techpodcast #tech #podcast #amazonsmile #charity #losangeles #education #stem

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Male Mentors are Role Models Too

If you live in Los Angeles you can make a huge difference by becoming a mentor for a disadvantaged boy who is part of the I Have a Dream Foundation - Los Angeles program.

Many of these boys are being raised by single mothers. A male role model in their life can change their life and yours.

#mentor   #losangeles   #rolemodel  

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Learn more about how IHADLA is impacting the lives of our Dreamers and their families with better access to and more resources for mental health services. #mentalhealth   #mentalhealthawareness   #education  
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