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Axel Merk
Dollar • Currencies • Gold
Dollar • Currencies • Gold

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"Dear Consumer" the sun shined in April and you didn’t spend much money..." @WSJ

#Merk outlook on dollar, gold & currencies:

Europe: expect dovish talk, then a change of heart; c.f. yoy inflation turnaround on energy

Some observers credit rising euro today with higher German yields. Why not call it for what it is: some short sellers retreating ?

.@MNINews: "agreement in principle" but need to "iron out details" #Greece Iron out details???? Sure, with such a trusted partner...?!

Kick-the can deal euro positive short-term, negative long-term? Greek default negative for euro short-term, positive long-term?

Greece: in many ways, creditors are negotiating with themselves as to when they want to realize losses #KickTheCan?

Bloomberg flash: Dijsselbloem "still far from deal with Greece" Still, euro shorts appear increasingly nervous

ECB's own 'Jackson Hole' maturing: Last year, Krugman invited for star power. This year, focus on substance:

ECB haircut on Greek collateral unchanged. More collateral=tighter monetary policy for Greece Collateral framework rule based or political?
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