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Whether you’ve contributed $20 or $2,000, you now all have the chance to win something extra special: a personalised Ubuntu Edge phone engraved with your name.

The Ubuntu Edge is already a ground-breaking device as part of a record-setting crowd-funding campaign that charts a new territory in device convergence, and you could have the only one with a personalized name...your name...on it, by helping the campaign. History in the making.

See the details at

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Ubuntu 13.04 is released! - go and get it from - it is a fantastic release! Many thanks to the many teams and communities who tirelessly contributed the development, packaging, testing, translations, documentation, support, and more to the new release! :-)

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:: Art Installation
Caitlind r.c. Brown

Caitlind r.c. Brown is an artist, filmmaker and collaborator living in Calgary, Alberta.
Best known for curating The House Project, a group installation re-imagining and re-contextualizing a Calgary home scheduled for demolition.
Caitlind has an interest in re-invigorated spaces, collaboration in all forms, and art in unexpected places.
Her practice employs a diversity of mediums and materials, ranging from 16mm celluloid to re-appropriated architectural waste.

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive sculpture created from 5,000 re-appropriated domestic light bulbs.
Constructed from steel, metal, pull strings, burnt out incandescent bulbs, and illuminated compact fluorescent bulbs, CLOUD invites the viewer to wander through a rain of pull strings switching on and off lights.
By manipulating the sculpture audiences will activate CLOUD’s inner sphere animating light bulbs and creating the illusion of lightning on the cloud’s surface.

Official Site:
#art   #artinstallations   #cloud  
Caitlind r.c. Brown | Art Installation | Cloud (8 photos)
8 Photos - View album

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New episode of Fully Charged
This week featuring the extraordinary Saietta electric bike.

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Chances are you weren't expecting to hear this... #Skype   #Linux  

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Fascinating insight into the construction of a F1 car as Sauber cut their Car in Two

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Happy Food Revolution Day! Check out Jamie's live google hangout tonight, at 5pm PST/8pm EST and celebrate the #FoodRevolution with us online!

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Great video time lapse The Longest Way- and track from the Kingpins - L'Aventurier
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