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Officially discovered back in 2001, John Halliday and Noah Soule were the first to record the effects of a fungus that could instantly induce female orgasm.
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Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson: Underrated? Hmmm...

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The Complicated Science—and Conflict—Behind Identifying the First Native Americans
Get Pacific Standard on Your iPad or Smartphone.
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This song feels weak: weak lyrics (contrived rhymes), weak (or thin) production compared to their prior work, and felt that it might have been produced by committee. I Am Machine is a much stronger tune.

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Hallelujah. Saudi women finally get the right to vote. Praise be Allah. 
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No Rory Block?

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Very nice. Was just surfing for Soen covers. Thanks!

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In honor of our presidents and our nation's founding, here are 35 quotes from the Founding Fathers that prove they did NOT found a 'Christian' nation.
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Good thought content
No, this is not another predictions blog. Not that I don’t enjoy the flurry of new predictions that surface this time of year, but to me many feel too contrived. I am not going to predict the future of intranets, but rather paint the reality of where intranets are today, or rather, how organizations are already utilizing their intranet in innovative ways they had not dreamed of in the past. …
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Bry Willis

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Steven Naymagon's response is precisely what is wrong with the medical profession, exalting itself despite a hubris and the illusion of knowledge. An apologist, he cherry-picks quotes and responds to strawmen.

Before I support my position, I'll say straight out that I can't wait for the day that analytics supplants medical doctors' diagnoses. Most medical knowledge is rote, and this is something much better suited for computers. The medical profession has made only two significant advances in its history: antibiotics and trauma care. Everything else is akin to witchcraft and shamanism, indeed, the reason we still call it medical practise. They still haven't got it right. 

His first defence is to Bill Maher's quote, “People get cancer and doctors don't know why…and they don’t know how to fix it,” to which contends that there have been advances in treating some forms of cancer, but what is missing is the "why." What's the vector? What's the root cause. 

In his next defence, he takes one for the dental profession and defends ulcers as well. As with being late to accept germ theory (again owing to hubris), the medical profession was late to accept the Heliobacter pylori cause of ulcers. Despite being told that the bacteria was the cause, the medical community at large refused to listen. Even after if was proven, it took the medical community more than a decade to get on board. Not a great track record.

His response to “We live in an era where we can't ask any questions.” is that doctors are more open than even. In my experience, doctors are very defensive of patients with outside opinions, as they feel, as they should, threatened. 

I agree with the doctor's comment on vaccines.

As for his defence of root cause discovery, train as they will, they are not good at it. I repeat, doctors are best at rote memorisation. Root cause evaluation and analytical skills are decidedly lacking. His defence, "in some cases we do not yet understand the underlying mechanism of disease." Eh, right? This is the etiology we a looking for for. It is disingenuous to argue, "well we are all trained, and we tried really, really hard." Good for you. Now you get the second place medal.
Bill Maher made a number of critical remarks about medicine and physicians. I sent Mr. Maher the following response in an effort to address his comments.
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