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Alex Zolotarev
Cofounder @ VibroBox, Cofounder @ MAPS.ME
Cofounder @ VibroBox, Cofounder @ MAPS.ME

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Our maps are free for iOS and just $1 for Android (Google doesn't allow to set free price for one day).
Today You Can Get MAPS.ME Absolutely Free
As the holiday season is getting closer to the end, we decided to make a present to all travel lovers. On August 17 everyone can get MAPS.ME absolutely free on the App Store. Unfortunately, we cannot make the app free on Google Play, so it will be available...

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How we rebranded +MAPS.ME #2

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How we rebranded +MAPS.ME #1

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Nice bug, Google! For Russian locale Google+ SDK version gives you download link to the outdated iOS SDK 1.2.2 while English locale version gives correct 1.7.0 version. I wonder which version you download for other languages :)

В наших крутых офлайн-картах +MapsWithMe  есть целых три вакансии!

- Дизайнер, чтобы придумать новый крутой дизайн приложений и стилей карт
- Андроид-гуру, чтобы запилить новый крутой дизайн карт
- C++ мастер, чтобы сделать наш быстрый графический движок еще быстрее и красивее

А вообще, у нас много интересных задач, связанных с картами, картографией и путешествиями. А если кто-то не знает, то мы делаем еще и офлайновые путеводители +GuideWithMe .

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+MapsWithMe on BlackBerry
MapsWithMe is Now Available for Download from BlackBerry World
Until today only owners of devices with iOS and Android OS could use offline maps MapsWithMe. But we receive lots of emails from other OS users who asked us to expand the app’s presence on the mobile market. Finally, the day has come: MapsWithMe app has bee...

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Блог про особенности OpenGL ES на мобильных устройствах

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Our offline travel guides cover whole countries and integrated with offline +MapsWithMe 

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Going to UK? Try our offline travel guide!
P.S. Other countries are coming soon!
The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.
G.K. Chesterton

Read a blog post about our new product GuideWithMe
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