New Report Shows Social Media Usage for Enterprise Companies

Suffering from Social Media overload? Managing all of your social networks, updating G+ and all that? Just imagine trying to manage 178 accounts!

On average enterprise companies have 178 social media accounts to manage. That's a lot of tweeting, uploading of photos to flickr, and engaging fans and customers through Facebook and Google Plus. You can read about the report below.

There are tools to help the process but you still need a team to manage it all.
For those of you who don't have 178 accounts and manage your own blog or brand, what tools do you use? Do you have a content strategy for social media?
On average, companies with a 1,000 employees or more were found to have 40 Twitter accounts, 30 Facebook accounts and 10 YouTube accounts (don't forget Google+). And less than half of them have a coordinated effort. Head hurt yet?
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