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WordPress Developer, SEM, Social Media Manager and Natural Foods Lover


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For anyone starting a new #business   or launching a new product or service, this is an excellent guide to help you create the right name for your #marketingstrategy
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Excellent guide on mobile websites and mobile apps for any online business, brick and mortar business or eCommerce ...
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Did Google change their user account menu?

Did anyone notice that Google changed the location and feel of the Google account menu when logged in?

You can now post directly to Google + from any tab inside of your Google Account.

If you are in Gmail, Google Docs or even on Search you can post directly to your G+ stream.

I also have mine setup to switch accounts. So you could have multiple accounts for various businesses or personal purposes and manage everything from one interface.

I think this is where Google plans to go with this as they become a social operating system where everything is connected to G+

What do you think?
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The Best Google Plus Bookmarklet

2012 is the year of the bookmarklet., Storify, WordPress and others all have their own.

If you don't know what a bookmarklet is, it's a piece of JavaScript code that you can drag onto your browser's bookmark bar. Most times it's a shortcut of having to go to the application or website to achieve the same action.

Google Plus doesn't have an official bookmarklet but there have been several third-party developers who have created different versions of bookmarklets.

I've tried them all...

So far, +AJ Batac has created the best version allowing you to both Google + and share on Google plus any content you are viewing in the browser.

It does have some minor issues and at times you need to be careful if you are writing a post inside of the bookmarklet interface. I had several times where the content was deleted and not posted.

This system works well with +Daniel Treadwell and his plugin that posts Google Plus content to your WordPress blog.

You can read more about it here:

Click the link below and follow the instructions to add the Google Plus Bookmarklet to your browser.
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Leveraging The Right Mindset for Success

This podcast really spoke to me. It's an interview with Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University. She talks about staying in a growth mindset.

What makes some people successful (maybe people you wouldn't have thought would become successful)?

And what prevents those people who you thought would become successful from becoming successful?

She talks about constantly exercising our brain (like a muscle) to learn new things, to step outside of our comfort zones, and to be open to new ideas and new concepts.

For those of you who have become successful, how do you stay in the mindset that got you there in the first place?

How do you handle praise?

How do you handle praise? We were once taught that praise is a good thing. But it prohibits us from growing further. We let it get to our heads.

You shouldn't be worried about your image or what people think of you. Instead be willing and open to accept new challenges that create opportunities for you to grow.

+Gary Vaynerchuk lives and breathes this.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
It also reminded me of Steve Jobs quote, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" in that everything we do we should be passionate about and don't let the status quo or the "established" rules dictate our business and personal goals in life.

Got an idea you are passionate about? Don't let what people so or think dictate your direction with that idea. Chase your passion for it-even when the going gets tough.

Time is precious.

We should all be re-evaluating what we are doing every day. Follow your passions.

Check out the podcast and it might change the way you are looking at challenges that face you daily.

I don't know about you but I'm going to stay in the growth mindset.

I hope this cleared some negative thoughts you may have been having. Whether about your business or personal goals in your life or career.

Always stay humble.

Thanks to +Jamie Svenson for sharing this link.
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New Report Shows Social Media Usage for Enterprise Companies

Suffering from Social Media overload? Managing all of your social networks, updating G+ and all that? Just imagine trying to manage 178 accounts!

On average enterprise companies have 178 social media accounts to manage. That's a lot of tweeting, uploading of photos to flickr, and engaging fans and customers through Facebook and Google Plus. You can read about the report below.

There are tools to help the process but you still need a team to manage it all.
For those of you who don't have 178 accounts and manage your own blog or brand, what tools do you use? Do you have a content strategy for social media?
On average, companies with a 1,000 employees or more were found to have 40 Twitter accounts, 30 Facebook accounts and 10 YouTube accounts (don't forget Google+). And less than half of them have a coordinated effort. Head hurt yet?
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Google Plus Team Introduces Google+ Creative Kit for Photos

The team at Google Plus have just released this fun new Google+ Creative Kit which allows users to easily make powerful edits to photos they upload on the Google Plus platform.

Photos are essential to social networking so it makes sense to implement these features and G+ is doing this unbelievably well. They are slowly adding updates to the platform and with this newest release, users can do minor corrections, edits, and apply effects to photos they upload.

Remember to upload your own Halloween renditions of you on #gplushalloween where everyone has been uploading their latest Halloween profile pics edited with the creative kit.

These new features are going to be gradually rolled out to users. If you don't see these options yet, just wait because they are on the way!

Do you think this was a good move for G+?

View the video below:

Google+ Update: Add Fun to Your Photos with the Creative Kit
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Ad agencies entertain the thought of what Google + Brand Pages "might" look like

Mashable asked a few ad agencies to conceptualize Google + brand pages and this is what they came up with (link below).

Already some big brands like +Ford Motor Company are testing out G+. When will these new brand pages be announced? Hopefully sometime soon before the end of the year-this article hints maybe sooner

The other question to be answered is how will the functionality of circles and other features work with brand pages and can Google + set itself apart from Facebook fan pages?

How do you think brand pages will work?
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Google's new SSL implementation hides valuable keyword data from webmasters

Facebook already uses SSL (https in url) to protect the privacy of it's users. This week Google announced that signed-in users will be routed to a secured search environment using SSL. This is great for the user but some SEOs and webmasters are outraged by the changes because it deprives us of the all important keyword data. In other words, we don't know what the user typed into Google to arrive at our site. If you are using Google Analytics, you will just see the term "not-provided" instead of the keyword.

Only Organic Search

Now Google says this will only result in about 10% of the overall searches so we should still be able to see 90% of the raw data. But some folks are upset that all of the data will still be supplied to Google Adwords users. If someone clicks on a paid advertising link, the referral data is passed along-not organic search.

Google Plus

With more users adopting G+ (over 40m now?) that means more users logged in-not including Gmail! Something tells me it might (over time) affect more than 10% of the data.

Social Analytics

I've been scratching my head at this move too and how this will eventually play out. Also, when might we start to see social analytics and G+ play a role? Also, Google recently purchased which delivered real-time social data and trends. I suspect soon we will see this incorporated with G+?

Despite all of the turmoil and anti-Google blog post rants this week, I managed to find some great resources to read further about the changes. My favorite of the week just released today is from SEOMoz.

Resources on Google's SSL Announcement
While some gracefully agreed and accepted the changes, others declared outright war:

Check out SEOMoz's Post:
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Get Real-time Earthquake Updates on Google Plus

Just by following the earthquake stream on G+ you can see updates from people all over the world. In the past, Twitter definitely has been a powerful tool for getting real-time updates from citizen reporters around the world-think back to the tsunami and earth quakes in Japan and other disasters like earthquakes in Chili.

I personally like the way G+ displays content visually and aesthetically. So it makes perfect sense to monitor real-time trends through it.

Also, search Google for real-time updates. If you type in earthquake you might see this published 35 minutes ago:

Be sure to circle +Louis Gray for G+ updates and more :)

View comments here- #earthquake
Updated: Small #earthquake rattles San Francisco Bay Area. USGS says it was a 3.9 magnitude near Berkeley.
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