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Google+: Tools for Writers: Group Explore
The other day I linked to an article about memory. To be honest, I barely glanced over the article. Normally I would have filed it away for later (a later that never seems to come) and maybe written something up after I had had time to digest it. Instead I threw it out to you with a share. The resulting discussion has helped clarify my own thoughts.

Normally, I think of this as very lazy sharing. I advise people, either tell me what you found interesting about the story you're linking to, or tell me why you thought I'd find it interesting.

But today I realized that there is real value in listening to other people discuss something especially if I haven't formed any opinions of my own. It helps me look at the issue through a lot of different lenses. I start sorting through the arguments and forming my own conclusions.

For all my criticisms about the mechanics of the interface, this is one aspect of the user experience that I think Google+ gets right. It feels so much more informal than a blog post or a print article that it gives me the freedom to explore. I don't feel like I have to have everything settled in my mind before I begin. So, yes, sometimes I'm going to be serving up some half-baked ideas -- but only so you can help me solidify my thoughts. My purpose here never was to pontificate. I really prefer the experience of working things through with such an interesting bunch of people.
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