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The wallpaper samples for the stair hallway arrived today. I love them both, but think the flowers would be a bit overwhelming.

The big question is why must I have such expensive taste?

#mydreamhome #homesweethome #homedecor #stairs #wallpaper
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Not the flowers.
I've been subjected to flowers in hallways that were decorated before me, and no matter how pretty they look on the page and how good they look at first, it isn't long before they're oppressive. Claustrophobic. You can hear the wallpaper and your shoulders go up every time you're there. The space seems barely wide enough to move in, and a stairway is already narrow, esp. there in the Olde Worlde.

Don't waste your money on something you'll soon hate. Use the other one. And think of the poor sod who's going to have to live in your place after you move out. Don't get the flowers.
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V C Willow

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Via +Shaun Griffith
If god's plan is already written, why do people pray?
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V C Willow

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First I giggled, then I chortled, then I tried to repress my growing laughter but my shoulders wouldn't stop shaking up and down. Then I couldn't hold it in any longer and actually snorted out laughter followed by out loud laughing. People started to stare, apparently the Monday evening commute home is not meant to be fun.

#forshitsandgiggles #amusingheadlines
I laughed -- not LOL'd, just laughed -- the whole way through this! Many of these things do deserve to die though.

Also, I couldn't decide if this should go in HUMOUR collection or HUMAN SOCIETY collection.
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Fighting back the near unstoppable urge to burst out laughing on a bus while listening to a podcast, then getting some strange looks is normal for me.
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V C Willow

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Have you noticed how much younger they all are In the new Trek. I love Star Trek but this continuous descent to appease the yourh market while ignoring everyone else is both ridiculous and illogical.

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But what are the ages of the new compared to the old when they first started -- the new movies have been around for several years.
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V C Willow

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She was one of my heroes, however her complicity in allowing the persecution, torture and murder of Rohingya Muslims in Burma means she is now no better to me than those who kept her under house arrest as a political prisoner. She's as morally redundant and abhorrent in her permissive attitude to human rights abuses as the worst of the worlds dictators.

#Burma #humanrights #Muslim
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V C Willow

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Anti intellectualism has been an ongoing issue which seemed to reach it's peak when during the brexit debate the leave campaign declared that the people (the British) had 'had enough of experts'.

Well actually no we haven't. This calling to the lowest common denominator is the reason that opinion now trumps evidence, why Britain stands on the precipice of dangerous and damaging isolationism and why America has a racist, xenophobic, violent, liar as the Republican nominee for president.

A fool speaks of certainty, a wise man pauses and doubts. Which is why expert advice changes, it doubts and challenges and changes with new evidence.

We need to face the discomfort of thinking before spouting opinions.
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V C Willow

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Hey Friday you sexy mother, where you been? I've got this little south American white that's dying to quench your thirst and sooth us into the weekend.

Hppe all you plussers out there have a suitably fun weekend planned.

Work hard, play hard, laugh hard that's my motto.

#forthelols #ninjaturtles #weekend
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V C Willow

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Mostly it's the no pants ( note pants means underwear in England so it gains extra giggles) and because I'm such great company.

Via +Martin Watson & +Hari Bhanu ~ cheers guys I needed this today.

#introvert #forthelols #lonetimeisfuntime
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No one judges my Netflix binging.
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V C Willow

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Happy Pun day my friends, hope you're all chilling, relaxing , acting all cool....

nope actually I hope you're doing what you love (or who you love...Sunday maybe a day of rest but a bit of exercise does us no harm).

Anyhoo, after watching all of the original BBC Pride and Prejudice series with a smouldering Colin Firth, doing four lots of washing and spending a couple of happy hours organising my under the sink cupboards - which are now super organised, I'm feeling relaxed and ready to do some writing.

Hope you're all having a productive day... xx
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V C Willow

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But what is going on when my pen is scratching, pausing, scratching? I am performing a magic trick that still surprises me. I am in this world, at my desk or kitchen table, but I am simultaneously holding in my head another world full of people I have never physically met but know to their core. That world and those people pour out through my pen: rough – often very rough – but insistent.

Yeats described the writing life best when he said: “Do not hurry; do not rest.” Beckett, too, with: “Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” On a bad day I fail again; on a good, I fail better.

Tracy Chevalier on writing - is this how you write, often struggling to get each word on paper, but occasionally finding the words flow like a storm risen stream? Or are you disciplined, able to set time for writing and keep to it?

#amwriting   #writing  
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great idea

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V C Willow

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I can't wait 22 minutes till Punday so am posting this early.

It's a groan but chortle pun

#Punny #Punday
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Good facilities, friendly and helpful staff and a reasonable price. There is plenty of equipment and the gym is nicely ventilated so you don't overheat, the entire gym is clean and well looked after and the changing facilities good. Sure the showers get a little busy during peak times but you never have to wait long for a shower to be free. For the price you pay you feel you are getting an excellent service I recommend this gym to anyone who is tired of overpriced, stuffy, peak priced gyms. For a refreshing gym that you feel pleased to be using try Pure in Spinningfields. Oh and did I mention most of the classes are included in your membership...bonus.
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