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Menschenklugheit lernen, üben und leben.
Menschenklugheit lernen, üben und leben.
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Man's search for Meaning
Meaning is forged

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Know Yourself, who you want to be, and not to be!

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Why Incentives work in Network Marketing
as long as you do not violate the principles

As soon as you or your upline does not stick to the rules, the situation is completly different. You could however achieve short term success, but sustained profitability requires strict application of the rules by both, the role model as well as the student.

"A larger reward leads to poorer performance. Higher incentives led to worse performance." Would it be nice to know how motivation, that endures most of the drawbacks associated with beeing in business, actually works? 

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Unterbewußtsein 7 Sekunden schneller als Bewustsein
Gewohnheiten ändern, wie geht das?

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Gewohnheiten = Erfolg
Was ist mit Macht und Einfluss?

Beziehungen und Vermögenswerten? Offensichtlich ist Erfolg weniger ein Zustand, eher ein Prozess.
27 foundational habits for success & happiness that lasts...

It's been said that 80% of our daily thoughts and actions are habitual.

Some say it is even more.

The main point is that our businesses, and our destinies, are inextricably tied to our habits.  

No amount of reading, watching videos, going to inspirational events, signing up for coaching programs, planning your life or business, is going to work unless you also get serious about changing your habits.

I encourage you to take a renewed interest -- even passion! -- to observe and improve your habits.

There are 4 habit areas to pay attention to:


This is the foundation of all habit.  If you are constantly tired, hungry, thirsty, or in pain, you cannot be expected to behave well in any other area of life.  Without this, excellence is almost impossible.  

We are spiritual beings in a physical body.  It's like you and your car.  If you want to go far, and your car doesn't work, you are going to have a much harder time.

But if you maintain your car well, it becomes possible to drive far in a variety of directions.

Similarly, when you are consistently well-fed, hydrated, well-rested, and free of pain (because you take care of your body), you are a different person.  

It is a night-and-day difference in your ability to create a business that allows you to reach your true livelihood.

Physical habits to optimize include:

Sleep and naps
Relaxation skills
Movement (and exercise)
Nutrition (just enough)
Deep breathing
Regular visits to your doctor

I love to start my day with a healthy breakfast. Here's my daily green smoothie recipe:

By becoming excellent in maintaining your body, you will then be able to make real progress in the other habit areas, which then allow you to thrive in your business and life!


Taking care of your emotions goes hand in hand to taking care of your body.

Your body, in a state of well-being, produces good emotions.  Good emotions inspire you to respect and treat your body well.  It is a virtuous circle.  

You can start with your body, or with your emotions.

Here are habit areas to optimize to thrive emotionally:

Spiritual practice (e.g. Meditation, Prayer, Chanting)
Savoring the moment
Learned optimism 

More about "learned optimism" --

These are subtle, but will deeply empower your life when they made into habits.  Take each one seriously (including laughter!) and take your time to really install each one into your life!


Business success is mostly about mindset, and secondarily strategy.

The mind habits to cultivate and optimize include:

Time management 
Trance management:
Reading high quality content
Avoiding irrelevant & negative content (e.g. mainstream news)
Internet search skills:
Improving learning skills 
Creativity skills
Email management skills:
Information management
Decluttering skills (Essentialism)

By taking these into your life one by one, you will greatly increase your chances of success in your business (or any career).

In an upcoming video I will talk about business habits.

If you would like me to cover any of the above areas or habits in more detail, let me know in the comments below.

May you see the awesome potential of your life, and patiently create the habits that cultivate lasting success!


The best of these articles, delivered monthly, for free:

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7 Habits
to be happy

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Voice Recording in Gmail/Hangouts/Inbox
please vote + share

Thank You!
What does it take to take on WhatsApp with Gmail or Hangouts?
integrated voice recording as in the Messenger App

Would you agree? Please vote and share.

Try to respond to a Gmail or Hangouts text message by appending a voice message file. You can to so, but the file needs to be recorded first, and for recording you will have to
  1.  switch to a recording app,
  2. save the file,
  3. return to Gmail or Hangouts and
  4. add the file as an attachment (possible only in Gmail).

Thats a bit complicated and slow. 

WhatsApp makes it easier to reply with a voice message. And the Messenger App (also provided by Google) already integrates a function for in app recording of voice messages (see picture ), but for SMS/MMS only.

So in order to take on WhatsApp, this in app function granted to Hangouts and Gmail would make a difference, would you agree?

 If you agree, please vote and share this poll.

Many thanks for participating in this vote and please share it with others. May be, if we collect enough evidence, Google will consider integrating the voice recording function and take on WhatsApp by blending voice recording  with editing text and appending files/fotos/emois.

This would enable easy exchange of voice message by mail/hangou and thus provide suitable alternative to WhatsApp.
votes visible to Public
Poll option image
Replace Gmail by WhatsApp
Need Explanation
Integrate Voice Recording
Replace Gmail by WhatsApp
Need Explanation

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Verlernen ist noch schwerer als lernen
Vergessen und Verlernen sind nicht das Gleiche

Nicht mehr zu wissen wie etwas geht und bewusst unproduktive Gewohnheiten loslassen bzw. auf Reize anders zu reagieren als bisher, das hat mit verlernen zu tun.
what should i learn today :P

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Evolution : Im Anfang war das Wort
vor 50.000 Jahren

Sprache = Identität
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