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Thomas Wolf
Software Engineer by day, jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none by night.
Software Engineer by day, jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none by night.

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The Politics of Fear
We are a nation with enough guns in circulation to arm every man, woman, and child.  Yet we are fearful of a handful of terrorists on the other side of the earth.  We are so fearful, we let our leaders trample on our privacy in the name of keeping us safe. ...

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Apple's Next Big Thing - A Prediction
Apple has recently stepped into the wearables arena with the introduction of the Apple Watch.  While the success of the watch is still unclear, its capabilities give us a hint about Apple's thinking in this arena: The Apple Watch is a "companion" product.  ...

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E-Trade Bill Pay - A Study in Bad User Interface Design
I love E-Trade.  I’ve been a customer since the late 90’s.  Heck, I was a customer of E-Trade’s predecessor/progenitor: K. Aufhauser.  Why do I like it so much?  Because I’ve always found E-Trade’s web site to be head and shoulders above the rest.  Everythi...

Today a new feature showed up that I really don't care for: Preview.  When I click on a news header, I get a summary of an article with a "Visit Website" at the bottom of it.  Let me repeat that, it says "Visit Website" - it doesn't say "Preview in some odd slider-out window".  Anyway, I used to CTRL-click this button to open it in a tab for later reading.  Now neither the click nor the ctrl-click lets me do that - instead I get this "Preview" slide-out.  In it, there's an option to open the web site in a separate tab, but then you still have to hit the 'x' button to close it and continue reading article headers.  It's all very clumsy now.

To make a long story short: is there a way to turn this behavior off?  I didn't see any preferences for it.

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You guys may have already heard - Google is killing "Google Reader" :-(  I just "saw the light" a few months ago and have already become a heavy user of this RSS feed reader.  Not only that, on the go, I use an iPhone/iPad app that's a front-end to Google Reader's backend.  It has transformed the way (and amount) of news I can "consume".

There's a petition to ask Google to reconsider.  If you want to sign it, here it is:

Although overall I'm pretty happy with Siri on the iPhone, there seems to be a glaring UI design oversight: once you've gotten a list of query results from Siri and selected one, there is no way to get back to the results to pick another! You have to repeat your spoken query again! For a company that prides itself on excellence of UI design, this shortcoming is unforgivable. Common, Apple, you had 20-some years of web search engine search results to use as "inspiration" for what people do with search results! This is just plain stupid.

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I always thought that lawyers were the main cause for the sky high medical costs in this country. Turns out plain old GREED is the biggest problem.

A telling fact from the article: the medical industry spent 5 BILLION dollars lobbying Washington since 1999 - thats 5 times what the maligned military industrial complex lavishes on our leaches in Washington. FIVE TIMES!

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Interesting blog post by an ex-Apple employee on what an iWatch might be able to do.  I'd add that such a watch might use e-ink to conserve energy.
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