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I've been using the app (full version, paid for one) for a few days and found a few bugs.

I was listening to music with my headphones, and when I was done, I pulled out the headphones. This made the app freeze. Usually when I pull the headphones out the phone closes the music player.

Also, I've had a few occasions where the screen has frozen, on the always-on screen. Last night this happened and the only way I could use my phone was to take the battery out and re-insert it.

My phone is a galaxy S4, i9506 model.

Hope this helps as, overall, I really like the app.

For info, the app fails when I try to select calendar as the date option. It then freezes my phone. Works ok using simple date selection only. I've also discovered that the torch option doesn't work; it throws up an error relating to the camera and the led light is then stuck on. My phone is a galaxy i9506

Any way to link it to the calendar, and have the calendar display on the always on screen?

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