I love the feedback we get from our community.

"In essence I wanted to pass on my thanks to your team for your overwhelming professionalism with this project; John's outstanding technical competence, your project management and your (i think he is reffering to me) communication, customer engagement and marketing.

It is all to easy for people to casually forget the magnitude of the developments that this product contains. Essentially the technological developments in producing a printer capable of running from raw material are a game changer. It puts additive 3D printers into the same realm as any other ink jet or laser printer on the market today. Instead of toner, it's pellets. On top of this paradigm shift in technology, you've managed to achieve this at a price point that is revolutionary. $350 for a 3D printer with all of the capabilities of those costing up to ten times its price is an amazing achievement.

So all I really wanted to do was say thanks for your dedication and perseverance. I really appreciate it and sincerely hope it pays off in a big way for Makible.*

by +Hugh Tassell 

Well, we say Thanks a lot Hugh, we're all humbled to have such an amazing fanbase.

// Nils
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