was EFF's declaration of victory in the #nymwars premature?

Interesting discussion threads via:

+Jillian C. York at goo.gl/joJrH and goo.gl/yTv9r
+Liz Henry at goo.gl/tr690
+Eva Galperin at goo.gl/ayW0N
+Kee Hinckley at goo.gl/du2pF
+Alex Bayley at goo.gl/hD5Y2
+Gary Walker at goo.gl/1DAxV
+Sai . at goo.gl/9HSXV
+Mike Swift at goo.gl/q40Qy
+Pete Cashmore at goo.gl/6pfcT

There are at least two related polls up:
+Jon Pincus at goo.gl/kgfFX
+Paul Allen at goo.gl/RWe5j

And elsewhere:
- Garidin Winslow on Diaspora at https://diasp.org/posts/342532, with some screenshots of tweets by Skud
- NishantK at
- on Hacker News at http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3132752

My comment:

Can Skud call herself Skud? Can Kaliya IdentityWoman call herself Kaliya or IdentityWoman, whichever she prefers? Have Bradley and Vic apologized to them and BugGrrl and everybody else whose accounts have been suspended? If not, I agree with +Jamie Zawinski that EFF's declaration of victory is premature. http://www.jwz.org/blog/2011/10/eff-declares-premature-victory-in-nymwars/

Also some great points by +Alex Bayley, +Kee Hinckley and others
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