Next steps in the #nymwars : suggestions for Google?

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+Bradley Horowitz and +Yonatan Zunger both described Google's recent pseudonymity announcement as the first step in a journey. There's a range of opinions* on just how significant a step Google's shift from a "real name" policy to a "Muggle name" policy (where pseudonyms are okay if they look like "name-shaped names") is, and a lot of people have a wait-and-see attitude: how well the appeals process for pseudonyms with "meaningful following" elsewhere online will work in practice? But at the same time, there's general agreement that it does address a lot of important use cases; and there's been excellent dialog in the announcement's aftermath. So if Google wants to continue on it's journey, now's a great time to take the next steps.

What should Google do next to make further progress ending the #nymwars ? I've tried to capture some of the the suggestions in the many excellent threads going on.

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* see for excerpts and links, Bradley's original post, Yonatan's epic thread with a lot of great comments, and a dozen different perspectives
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