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Vincent Lee
Give me a bit of Lee way ~
Give me a bit of Lee way ~


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A bit of old fashioned elbow grease. Tools are great when used right...
A littl saga I had with migrating a site recently.
Never happened before with the dozens of wordpress sites in the past.

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PHPVersion/MySQL version and WordPress Migration problems
Slow claps for Wordpress developers. I had been using the following methods for migrating WordPress websites for a while: - Duplicator (best free option, but heartbreaking when there are red lights and errors) - Backup Buddy (paid money for this one, and wh...

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Megaman (Rockman) XBuster
Previously on Megaman Gauntlets . I
was going to find a retractable Arm Cannon option to fit on top of the
existing Right Arm. But it would turn out too big and the electronics
would need to be tucked so the moving part doesn't break the circuit.      sk...

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Gashuku Limerick
Annual Sweat Box I was never into Summer Camps or workshops. Growing up, summer for me always meant 60+ hour Japanese RPG games or a couple hours on the foot scooter or bike around the place until evening time for the real "gaming" to happen. "Mario Kart" a...

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Hidden folders sabotage USB
Crouching Spotlight, Hidden Folders My brother was complaining that he was sick of the lounge piano music in the Chinese restaurant. We had the same songs for the past 7 years. I was in agreement and previously I had burnt a DVD with Christmas Songs. This t...

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One Armed Swordsman
[moved over from my other blog : the Blogger iOS app made a booboo] I've see people doing Kata   backwards,  mirrored,  with kicks added in between oi-zuk is, or with half step shuffles for "kitchen training".  For me Today I tried " Empi " one handed (righ...

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Road to Nidan - two's company
I've been busy with Life and family since last summer. Karate became second, almost third place as my evenings became all about "Chicken Curries", procedures, customers, allergens, websites and "HACCP plans". Resolutions - Selfish New year Revolutions Like ...

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Megaman (Rockman) Boots Part 1
Previously: Groin Guard The Helmet was a long struggle for me who was new to soldering and I hadn't done any fabrication in a few years since finishing college. The Boots had their own challenges. They were bulky, there was no ankle support, the knee pad ne...

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