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Business Marketing - Social Media, SEO and Local
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Growth Driven Design 101: Why, How and When You Should Apply It!
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Growth Driven Design 101: Why, How and When You Should Apply It by @IncredoDigital #GDD
For many businesses, web design is one of the toughest items on the development and marketing agenda. However, there is an alternative to the traditional design concept
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Just a little laugh to start your week.
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Link to the website you buy the light bulb from and ask them to backlink to you, and write a blog about the changing of the light bulb. 
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Google Showing AMP Results On Desktop Results!
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Looks like there is a bug with Google's implementation of AMP. Google is now showing AMP icons and content in the core desktop results. They recently launched AMP in the core mobile results but AMP
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Google Enlists Artists To Make Bots Feel Like Friends!
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You've got personality!

Fascinating article by +John Paul Titlow​​ in +Fast Company​​ about Google giving AI 'personality' to help build trust:

Google Enlists Artists To Make Bots Feel Like Friends

People may not remember who you are,  but often they will remember your personality and the connection in their memory about their experience with you. Whether it's a positive, negative, or a neutral connotation.

Your personality is what makes you... You.

This thought is not entirely overlooked by Google when they want to humanise an AI or chatbot, embueing it with character and personality.

Interesting quote highlighted by Titlow was Emma Coats' quote on character:

"... we have to create the most well-rounded character that we ever have tried. "

Let's hope our future Ai friends are more Toy Story and Woody, then
2001: A Space Odyssey and Hal.

Read On:

After you read the article, enjoy my first thought as I read the article, Lloyd Price singing, 'Personality'. (A fave!).

Google Doodle head Ryan Germick and former Pixar animator Emma Coats are two of the artists crafting Google Assistant's personality.
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Business Marketing - Social Media, SEO and Local

Internet Marketing Community  - 
Why You Should Care About Visual User-Generated Content (UGC) – Infographic

Did you know that 50 percent of consumers find UGC more memorable than brand produced content, and that 53 percent millennials have said UGC has influenced their purchasing decisions.

"Visual User Generated Content (UGC) is making huge waves in the marketing space today thanks to the huge momentum of smartphone adoption, and the rapid increase in photo-sharing networks available. But as a B2C marketer, why should you care about Visual UGC?

In this infographic +Offerpop demonstrate how large the UGC opportunity is, how consumers perceive visual UGC in comparison to brand produced content, and the incredible results marketers have seen by including UGC in their marketing."

#infographic   #digitalmarketing   #contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #UGC   #visualmarketing  
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Social media continues to grow across the world & it is the best way to market your business. Let’s take a look at given data which shows the rapid growth of social media users. . #SocialMedia#DigitalMarketing#ElixirWebSolutions
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All that Schema Might Pay Off… Google appears to be showing Rich Cards for sites using markup for NewsArticle!
#structureddata   #google   #seo   #richcards   #schema   #schemamarkup  
Google displays Rich Cards for NewsArticle markup - LocalBusiness coming next?
All of that Schema Might Pay Off… Google appears to be showing Rich Cards now for sites using markup for NewsArticle. I simply typed “dentist” into the search bar and was provided with the following examples, all with NewsArticle Markup (some which are even returning errors): I’ve yet to find a live example, but the …
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Just spotted. Searched for an individual by his occupation and received a bunch of his comments across several sites. #indexedcomments? Is this old news? I've never seen it before. 
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How to Get 1000 Shares on Your Next Blog Post! [Infographic]
See larger infograhic image here:
#blogging   #contentmarketing   #socialmediamarketing   #infographic  
How to Get 1000 Shares on Your Next Blog Post - infographic
See the complete image here:

You need shares.

Without shares, you’re wasting your time creating content only a few people past your mom and significant other are seeing. If you’re #blogging for business, you can’t afford to publish for a few people. You need the exponential reach that comes from multiple shares. Here’s how you can achieve 1000 shares on your next blog post.

#infographic courtesy of: +Blogging Basics 101

#contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing
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