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Tpaw: "[A]ll of the candidates are going to have to be able to demonstrate they can do all of the job of president, all of the time."

Brian Lambert: "Because once you're elected to a high office, you have a moral responsibility to devote all of your time to THAT office."

Daily Glean, wins it again.

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When thinking about the relative priority of LGA vs. a stadium...I hear it argued that Mpls without the Vikings would be a cold Omaha. Well, let's try this one. The third ring suburbs without a strong Minneapolis would be a cold...

I don't know the name of the equivalent town. Because it's a no name nowheresville with no urban core to give it the possibility of growth or direction.
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Taken on their own, most of the 3rd ringers are around 40-55k, and Peoria is 115. It's just the maddening frustration of "Urban centers do not work that way!"

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What i love about this is the simple recognition: it is not just that people have different needs, but that to do something for one's self, through adaptive technology (and what technology isn't!) is to have a sense of control of the world.
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That makes a little more sense
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Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum

Good food, and the weekend kids deal was a friendly surprise for us. Wickedly short staffed and it took 20m+ to order and pay. Not get the food... Just get through the line. Cheers for the food and friendly staff, jeers for the wait.
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Awful. 2/2 orders screwed up, delayed and made frustrating. First order, huge backorder, no mention of this at time of order. Very helpful advice fitting the seat to the car, but then downhill right away. Tons of delays, tons of constantly varying excuses as to where it was and why it wasn't ready for pickup. Second order, takes much longer than we were told to arrive, and they imply we're idiots for "misunderstanding" the staff who told us the wrong thing when asked about it very pointedly. We ordered on 5/28. Order not shipped until 6/6. Partial order arrives 6/12, a full week later that we'd been told. We insist on the final item, they can't get a straight answer. It's on back order. Then it's shipping, but maybe a day behind. They don't have any in store, but they do have other people's orders that they can take one from. I ask to cancel the order, and am told that we can't. I insist on canceling. Told I can't. Chargeback and 1 day shipping from Amazon. Problem finally solved.
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Our first breakfast after moving to the neighborhood, and many after that.
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