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Point being..? That mourning for this specific event is stupid? A lot of people die every day. I'm sure a lot more people died on that day in other places, that doesn't mean you can't mourn specific events... and since we are just throwing irrelevant things together in a conversation...
I had ham for dinner. #september11th  -_-
Lol. biased thinking, what i can say:) i know , i feel sad for 11 september victims(alot) but i also feel sad for those who killed in the name of terror and war against terror.
Ah, that makes more sense... It's just that so many people just laugh at it and make satire out of the event in general.
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PEACE be with us...LIFE is short
Diego D
These are the facts that matter. 'Nuff said.
Which is the wrost matter  ?
Pray for the innocent peoples. Protect the war criminals.
Diego D
I agree, +Robert Trance, but we must be better than that, if we can. The US is a country with a rich culture and strong spirit, and all that is only coming from the people, not their greedy government. I will continue to have friends in the US, but I will also continue to encourage them to vote for better leaders and real democracy...
Diego D
I'm more of a "why not" type of guy, +Judy Ann Rahel Cancio  ... Seriously, what's with the unclear posts ? Why what ? Why in general ? Why 9/11 ? Why wars ? Why G+ ?
 I am sorry about the People who died in 9/11. I am also sorry about the Family & Friends of these people. And I also hat the genocide of people in the name of War on terror.
Remember 9/11.  Never forget it!!!
Always remember, Never forget
According to the United Nations, Over eight times that amount die every DAY of hunger or hunger-related causes (Around 25,000).
How many are in the US?
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And some are talking about population control... The people that die from natural causes (and natural disasters) are more than enough to keep the population growth at normal levels... And an occasional war or two even moves us backwards..
ahh! still cant forget the day .. i was near twin towers .... but i agree people are dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and in Pakistan after 9/11 ..  and they are killing innocent people. 

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No one has listened to the sounds of the first plane striking the tower. you know the one you hear in the background of that fireman video. For years I worked right next to an Airfield and got very familiar with what flew overhead of the warehouse. To me it sounded like a Fighter Jet not an Airliner.

I am no Conspiracy Theorist this was just an observation.

If Bill Clinton could not keep blow jobs a secret how could they keep this one?

IMO no conspiracy just failed intelligence and extreme capitalisation of a tragic event. In the end EVIL begets mor EVIL...
Fuck the terrorists. I'd gladly give my life 100 times over to end the terrorists.
Inventing the "Terrorist" is the new mind control for the masses get used to it.
+Emma Davidson And I lost thousands of brothers and sisters in the 9/11 attack, and I lost even more friends while in the Service of my country... IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE US OF A GET THE FUCK OUT
Diego D
+Evan Wood , what if she's using a mobile phone outdoors ? How would she "get the fuck out" then ? Hahaaa !
To people with brains : sorry for feeding the troll, but this is entertaining to me :)
Well Mr Wood .. you need to calm down brother!! I have also lost my friends in 9/11. I believe terrorists are funded by governments ... GEORGE W. BUSH, TONY BLAIR, BILL CLINTON, SHARON, BEGIN, REAGAN, MAJOR, THATCHER et all HAVE ALL SUPPORTED TERRORISM THROUGH COVERT OPERATIONS . Terrorism exists because of Governments and their policies..

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+Charles Clemens I think you'd like a documentary called "The Power of Nightmares" as it fits in perfectly with the terrorism mind control.
+John O'Driscoll. I saw that one! Yeah pretty interesting but a bit conspiracy heavy.

IMO the gov is using the monsters under the bed they did not entirely create them
+Subhankar Sahu All said and done, people should now understand that, going to war is the only way US can back its economy and maintain the value of its currency.
If they won't project themselves to be strong, then the investor and lender will lose confidence in the US economy and they won't invest or lend money to US and eventually its economy will go bankrupt due to huge debt they are currently in, along with it will go all the countries which export goods and services heavily to US and have a foreign exchange in the form of US$, due to the falling value of $.

So the bottom line is, it is the absolute necessity of the US to go to war to maintain its supremacy, and these stupid fundamentalist Muslims are just giving them a good reason for it.
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