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Gary Barker
Living in Felpham on the South Coast. I run a succesful Hypnotherapy Practice that covers Chichester and Bognor Regis, I also create digital health products.
Living in Felpham on the South Coast. I run a succesful Hypnotherapy Practice that covers Chichester and Bognor Regis, I also create digital health products.


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Chichester Stop Smoking Clinic - How to quit Smoking? Is hypnosis the answer?

Now that’s a question isn’t it? Giving up smoking is a massive deal and for the majority of us a very difficult thing to achieve, but that's only if it’s not done correctly. I know because I used to be a twenty a day smoker!

The good news for me is I’ve now been a non smoker for over a decade and I’m still really proud of myself for doing it.

Smoking is one of those habits that really becomes a part of you, it becomes a part of your daily ritual 10, 20 even 40 times a day, week in week out, year in year out and I suppose when you think about it like that, is it any wonder it becomes such a big part of our lives. So obviously giving up your smoking habit is going to be a bit of a challenge to say the least. The good news is though, there are many different ways to stop smoking and none of them are right or wrong as long as they get the job done for you!

As an ex-smoker I can tell you I tried almost everything before I eventually quit and I’ve quit successfully twice. My first time was for 5 years (I started again following the break up of my marriage). The second time was around 2001 or so and i've not smoked since and let me tell you, the biggest component to quitting smoking is by far your own mindset. Both times I successfully quit was because I was absolutely determined to beat the smoking habit once and for all.

What about nicotine replacement products?

There are many ways to quit, but speaking personally I’ve never used nicotine replacement products. I can’t see the point of replacing one nicotine product with another as a means of breaking, what many people consider to be the most addictive habit of all.

You wouldn’t treat a recovering drunk with alcohol, likewise treating heroin addicts with methodone isn’t overly successful either, so why would medicating yourself with a nicotine replacement product seem any more plausible. Not only that but I’ve also heard the stories of people going nuts and not sleeping or even hallucinating on nicotine replacement patches or finding the patches don’t quite have “enough go in them” so they light up as well.

I do however find these very fashionable e-cigarettes rather intriguing, every time I see someone attempting to cure themselves of smoking using these devices, they always seem to be vigorously and violently inhaling on them, like a drowning man coming up for air. They seem very dissatisfied with their expensive substitutes and even guilty as they seem to hold them almost like a mouth organ, playing it for all it's worth and hoping that their next drag will at least give them some respite from their cravings. Whilst, all the time making some anonymous share holders in a big glass fronted office somewhere in the world extremely happy.

Does hypnotherapy hold the key to quitting smoking?

So, where is all this taking us? Well, I’m a professional hypnotherapist and I see many clients wishing to stop smoking... I would consider I have a higher than average success rate as I’ve honed my craft over the years and can of course relate to their predicament by calling on my own experiences of being a smoker and let me say once again, the biggest ingredient of all to becoming a non smoker is determination and a focused mindset.

Hypnosis just like any other method of giving up smoking, its no guarantee of success, because success has to come from the individual and no hypnotherapist in the world can make someone do something they don’t want to do, no matter what they may claim! So in my opinion hypnosis when combined with a client’s desire and determination to succeed is by far the best way to quit, but why?

Stopping Smoking is a process that takes time!

Well, quitting smoking is a process that has a timescale and the biggest part of that process is breaking "the habit". For many it’s almost a grieving process with ex smokers feeling irritable, short tempered and unhappy, because they are pining for their old habit. It’s a very child like craving. The good news is these cravings generally only last a short time unless of course the smoker is an obsessive. The technical term we therapists use to describe this kind of client is “a pain the arse,” but after around 6 weeks for the vast majority of us things should definitely have calmed down.

What hypnotherapy does is make the transition from smoker to non smoker much easier, because it gets the smoker to focus on all the positives of becoming a non smoker rather than the negatives. By doing this in conjunction with the client’s inbuilt desire and determination, hypnosis consistently gives smokers the best possible chance to quit once and for all.

So did I quit using hypnosis? Did I hell, as far as I was concerned, hypnotherapists were old blokes in worn out brown suits with pointy beards and pocket watches. No, i'm hardcore, I went down the cold turkey route, but from my experience of trying to give up so many times in the past, I’d devised a plan that I’ll talk about another time...

However, this I can tell you for a fact... There is nothing better you can do for your health, your well being and your family than to become a non smoker and that as far as i'm concerned will never change!
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Chichester Weight Loss Clinic – How to lose Weight
Did you know that when it’s seal breeding season up there on the North Pole and the Polar bears are out hunting, if there’s an abundance of seals around the Polar bears only eat the liver (the high energy part) of the seal pup and leave the rest. However, if seal supplies are low the Polar bear eats the whole animal.

We as humans are genetically programmed to do much the same, to desire and seek out high energy foods, unfortunately for a growing majority of us, the high energy foods we choose aren’t traditional foods like  liver, honey or oily fish, but instead chocolate, crisps, pizza, cola etc and it seems the more we have... the more we want!

Obviously, the food industry and super markets are happy to give us what we want, but is it our fault we can resist the never ending array of high energy, junky, carby foods out there? Well, evolutionarily we are just doing what we have been doing for the past 2 million years. The problem is our Palaeolithic brain hasn’t quite grasped the concept there’s a convenience store stacked full of high energy foods on every street corner nowadays.

So how do we as a society lose weight and then maintain that weight loss? Well let me tell you now it doesn’t come from a typical depravation diet, all they do is make you unhappy and mess up your metabolism.

Let me reassure you now losing weight isn’t rocket science, but there are rules and if you don’t adhere to the rules there’s a penalty. Successful weight loss is a steady process, it can’t be rushed and it means moving away from the high energy junky carby foods and adopting a new mindset towards the fuel you put into your body...

I tell all the clients I see at both my Chichester and Bognor Regis Weight Loss clinics to start thinking like cavemen and cave girls. So, just ask yourself now what does a caveman eat? Here’s a clue, the answer isn’t pizza or chocolate by the way. Instead, it’s healthy natural unprocessed foods.

Just consider now when you go into your local supermarket how many meats aisles there are and how many fruit and vegetable isles there are. Then consider how many aisles of cake, biscuits, breads, pasta, sweets and cereals there are and that is why people are getting bigger... See it’s really not Rocket Science!

Another vitally ingredient is for clients to put themselves and their own health higher up their priority list. It’s strange but the majority of my weight loss clients are actually nurses or carers, and they look after everyone else accept themselves.  They look at me blankly when I say they are the most important person in their lives. So, I sympathetically explain that if they don’t move themselves higher up their priority list and shift that excess weight they run a much higher risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke and that if that were to happen, how are earth would they be able to care for the people they love? This usually gets a few tears, but taking responsibility is the biggest single factor in getting down to target and where does that come from? It comes from having a committed, focussed mindset and not the next celebrity endorsed diet straight out of the USA ...

Taking responsibility, being focused and almost defiantly taking control is the key. However I do find the majority of my clients do need re-educating about what to eat, it’s amazing how we have forgotten how different out diet is today compared to even 30 years ago. This then needs to be followed up by building the clients belief that they can actually achieve what they want to and this is where CBT, hypnosis and a big old dollop of common sense really can be effective.

So if you are a yoyo dieter, if you eat on your emotions or you need a reality check where food is concerned, remember a new diet isn’t going to do it for, what you need is a new motivated mindset.

To order your new mindset just give me a call and book a free consultation at either of my Bognor or Chichester weight loss clinics! or 0787575 3685
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The SL Shop - Mercedes SL Specialist

The SL shop is a haven for anything and everything Mercedes SL related, parts, servicing, restoration and car sales. The business has been established for around 7 years and during that time has grown dramatically and now employes 10 full time employees.

The beauty of the SL shop is it's attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm for all things SL, they even sponsor an R107 racing SL.

The business is run by entrepreneur and classic car enthusiast Sam Bailey from their centrally based Midlands site and have seen massive growth due to the tireless way the team forges forward.

So if you'd like to know more about Mercedes SL's or want advice on parts, restoration or even to hire an SL for the a wedding or  weekend jaunt around the Cotswold, just go to:
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Jaguar XJS for sale - 4.0Ltr Sports Auto

1992 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Facelift Sports Auto.

For more pics and info about buying an XJS - Click Here:

Lovely condition, full leather, Long MOT and Full Service History. It's recently had new front brake discs and rear shock absorbers and drives really well. Jaguar XJS's can be a real mixed bag, but this one is a genuine excellent example. The headlining doesn't sag, the bumper chromes are all in good conditions, the alloy wheels have been recently refurbished and the tires all have loads of tread, even the headlamps have totally shiny reflectors.

The bodywork and paint are in lovely conditions, these cars can rust quite badly, however on this facelift the usual areas are all perfect, it's never been welded and doesn't need any. The usual week spots ie below the front window screen, rear lower quarters behind the rear wheels, front valance underneath the bumper and the inner wings which always have swelling and rust pushing through are completely unmarked and original.

Mechanically this XJS is first class, with no smoke on start up and excellent oil pressure. The brakes and suspension work as they should and the sports auto gearbox changes smoothly in either mode. The exhaust has stainless steel back boxes with later style stainless end finishers. This XJS is a very nice car to waft around in. Mileage 99K.

The interior is in great condition, full leather with none of the usual damage to the drivers seat bolster, the headlining which is often a problem in old Jags is in good condition, no holes, rips or cigarette burns anywhere. The car has electric seats and electric mirrors and they work perfectly as does the stereo and the electric aerial.

All in all a lovely XJS's that looks fantastic, drives superbly and will bring its next owner a lot of joy.

Car is located in Felpham, West Sussex, PO22. Call Gary on 0787 575 3685 if you require more info or wish to view.
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ChIchester Hypnotherapy - The art of being a good Hypnotherapist.

I can walk...I can walk! No not the fabled line from a Hollywood movie, but the joy of a client who came to see me in my Chichester Clinic for hypnosis, because they’d lost the ability to walk on their own without the aid of a stick or hanging onto the wall, banister, fence or whatever else they could grab a hold of. But curiously after a half a bottle of wine, they could walk confidently.

How about the guy who comes in because he’s having some trouble in the bedroom, he’s finally left his odious, over baring wife of 20 years and now has a lovely new partner that he worships, fancies and that feeling is mutually reciprocated... Yet, unfortunately for them it’s not happening!
How about the client who sleeps and showers in her trainers and has done for the past decade because they’re absolutely phobic about breaking their toes.

How about the morbidly obese client that swears they’ve been eating really well and had no treats, as you notice the melted chocolate stain on their jumper between the 3rd or 4th spare tyre down.
How about the handsome pilot who’s now to scared to even get on a plane let alone fly it...

As a hypnotherapist, you never know who’s going to come into your clinic and what their particular problem may be, the fortunate or unfortunate fact about clients is there is no “one fix” that fits all.

I’ve never had a client I thought was nuts, the symptoms or conditions they suffer with are genuine and a serious problem to them.  So how do I help them, well the first thing to acknowledge is that hypnotherapy is not magic, it’s not mind control.

Hypnosis in my opinion is massively hyped and overrated.  In my experience hypnosis is just a tool, the real work of the hypnotherapist is to work through and identify what the real issues are, before ever getting near the therapy couch and then proceed accordingly.

With this in mind it’s vitally important a good hypnotherapist keeps their distance and almost takes everything the client says with a pinch of salt. A competent therapist has to probe and investigate with lots of questions and statements that are deliberately provocative in order to shock the client and help them build a new acceptance or different perspective on their particular problem. In fact sometimes you have to go round and around for quite a while before the penny finally drops and we have our eureka moment. Once, that’s stage is reached the hard work is done, the hypnosis that follows is then the gravy that allows the client to see a new way forward without their “burden.”

Once the true cause of someone’s problem is correctly identified and they’ve had their own personal penny drop, it’s then very easy to help them see the new way and to accept that what they thought was a problem actually isn’t unless of course they want to hold on to it and that curiously is some clients prerogative.

From the therapists point of view there is nothing better than unlocking the cause of a clients unusual behavior, administering the hypnosis, which after a few years and a couple of hundred clients later you can reliable “spout” on the spot and to see your client leave looking relaxed and genuinely like a weight has been lifted...

I personally have a bit of a belt and braces philosophy to helping my clients and sometimes a good talking too even a telling off on the odd occasion can work wonders to get someone to change their habits and behaviors. I know the clients don’t always like it, but hey they’re paying me good money to get them fixed and as a professional therapist I’ll use any trick or technique I can to give when the result they want... within my “duty of care” of course!

Ultimately, therapy takes place between people and if those people aren’t in tune, the just therapy ain’t gonna happen and sometimes hypnotherapy just isn’t needed, like for the first client I mentioned, who couldn’t walk without a prop! I sat there and scratched my head for the first 20 minutes of the session as she explained she was scared she’d fall over and hurt herself and that was it, no more, no less, no hidden demons, no bad experiences, no accidents. She just decided she felt nervous walking unaided one day and wouldn’t go out anymore. The longer she thought that, the more nervous she got. When I saw her I had to go down to the car park to escort her in... I still have the nail prints in my arm to prove it!

The more I listened the less I learned so rather than using hypnosis to uncover a magical, fantastical, mysteriously repressed memory. I told her to stand up take my arm again, but this time to not think about walking, just to hold my arm and look at the door 10 ft away and take big steps towards it... 10 minutes later she was walking unaided outside with me 2 paces behind her, she then saw her friend and shrieked those immortal words “I can walk... I can walk” much to her friends obvious embarrassment.

The moral of this story is... being a good hypnotherapist isn’t about the script; it’s about digging down and getting a handle on what’s really going on. At the end of the day people are fascinating and so are their minds, so trust your judgement, don’t be afraid of thinking laterally and get stuck in
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I've just written my first article as apposed to web page on how to stop smoking! Are e-cigs, patches and gums the answer or is hypnosis the real key? Find out here:
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I've been busy updating a couple of my hypnotherapy websites - and
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Welcome to the Positive Cancer Carer discussion group, This group is open to sufferers and carers a like and is here to help you off load. I'm a trained therapist and I'm here to help and offer support!
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