Hello, My name is Patrick Joel (not real name btw).
I born at 25 March 1992. Vietnamese. Actually, I am half breed (Viet-Indo). Currently, I live in Indonesia.

I was a Gamer, yes, WAS.
First time I play online (PC) game was when I am 10 years old. (It was Ragnarok Online 1 IIRC). And that time, I use Joel92 as my game name. Starting from that, I always use Joel (+92) as my online name whether game or not, even until now. Since my highschool days, I always like to draw some anime character, which I use that hobby to be a manga re-drawer.

The first time I know Idol world was back then when I play some music-dance game genre. At that time (2010), I play Heavy Rotation music, and I was like "Hmm? Their music sounds fun!". And that's the moment when I fall into AKB48.

I'm not fall too deep into Idol worlds actually at that time. All I did was listening to their music, watching their MV, and some of their dramas.

Yes. It was because of Maeda. She's my 1st oshi. (But why? heavy rotation is Yuko's center, right?). Yes. I don't know my self, I always look someone who's not on the most-front spot. She looks so cute on the MV, without knowing her is AKB48 face, I fall for her. She was really close to TakaMina (maybe even now), that make me looked up to TakaMina as well. Not as oshi, but more like as fave.

2 years after that, Maeda Graduated. FML!
Not when I found my new fave!
So, I decide to look anywhere to see her grads concert. (It was my college years, so I'm not in the position where I can go to Japan to see it live).
At that concert, all 48 sister groups are included, where I see there's a group with so much young members on it. Yes, it's HKT.

So I think "I should goes with this group. Since they're young, it must be long way until some of them decide to graduate!".

At that concert, there was 2 members on the front. I don't really know their name, but there was 1 girls that looks so cute and energetic with that charming smile and unique voice. So I decide to search who she is. And that moment when I found that she is Matsuoka Natsumi and boom! Oshihen-ing. (Which until this exact time I still going with her). And once again, she's really close with Motomura Aoi, and it make me look up to her too.

Once I graduated from my college, I was contracted with Yakult Indonesia, which want it or not, make me moved from Viet to Indo. I'm not that care, since I have family (from father) in Indonesia. So, I decide to try.

And since manga scanlation needed really strict time, and I don't have much time with all my job, I decide to leave it 2 years after I got my main job.

One moment, I was get a chance from Yakult to have a training program on Japan. Well, hell yeah! Since Indonesia wages rate is not that much, it's been my dream to go to Japan with all my saving, but then I can go there with company money, lol. It was 3 months training (which more like 2 months training and 1 months free time, really), and even more, it was on Kuchibiruni BmB HS period! So much yes!

Fun thing's fun, yet the most hardest things is yet to learn another language on my 20's. But really, it's worth.

At that time, more lucky me, it was the first NGT48 HS. Not much things, just Rie to encourage her new team and as it's captain, and Moeka, just because my curiosity. Most of my time goes to HKT, since it's probs my one and only time I can go there and meet them directly.

To think that I can go there, meet my fave groups, and make some Japanese friends that I meet on HS was a bliss. it's my best time of my whole life.

And it make me realize, how fun to discussing something you like with other people who have the same interest. So after that, I make my first move at online fanbase. Whether it's English/Indo/Chinese speaking overseas fans.
*Chinese is not as hard for Viet people like me, since it have basic writing style, just some improvisation on it. Well, I just can read it (in viet way ofc), but not in chinese way.
So I decide to join Stage48 and make Twitter as well (for Idol related purpose).

It was September 2016, where I really can't take anymore with my job, so I decide to quit (various work problem).
And at that time too, where I found out that Half and Blue was, you know, on Hiatus from subbing HKT related.
While being a freelance on this foreign country, rather than doing nothing, I decide to do a new hobbies, which is Subbing. And since I love HKT, and my oshi is there too, I decide to sub HKT related shows. Thinking that I don't want the hard work Blue and Half has done introducing HKT to overseas fans goes vanish just like that.

Even though I have minimalist tools to work on it, I feels like to do it. Even though sometimes it hard to work with this old laptop (compaq-CQ40, 2006 built in + earphone from my phone) which make all that not responding all the time (lol), I don't want it to stop me doing my new hobbies to sub something.
I know, I can buy something new to change my old properties, but knowing that I don't have main job, more to say, here at foreign country, I can't really doing that.

So here I am now. A subber that does HKT related stuff, which don't have so much skill on both English and Japanese, but don't want all the half48 comm work being stopped. As my English not that good (not delicious), I decide to go with Joelicious.

That's mostly like all the thing about me.
Well, that's a long thing to read isn't it? lol.
Sorry to take your time.
And yes, I know. My English is Not Delicious. I'm sorry about that.

Thank you!
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