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Jaysen Naidoo
from a long, finely evolved line, 4 billion years old, like all other living things...
from a long, finely evolved line, 4 billion years old, like all other living things...


Gravity is the acceleration we feel as spacetime warps toward mass

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She: What's your idea of perfect date?

Me: UNIX epoch time ;)

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WT: WikiTribune will have community members alongside staff journalists editing, fact-checking and updating. Do you think this model will work?

LL: No one can know, but we should certainly try.


In case there's any doubt about the potential efficiency of public ownership, or the level of complexity we can handle collectively - the public currently maintains and owns the operating systems that run every (significant) server that Facebook or Google uses .

News, like search, is too important an asset to the public to be bought and sold - to not be publicly owned. That's why I'm liking #wikiTribune, and why we'll have to replace GoogleSearch sooner or later with something the public maintains.

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"Economic and political crises typically encourage new avenues for conceptualizing a reordering of society. This is because they open up spaces in the realm of discourse due to the discrediting of traditional narratives and systems of thought. If that is generally the case, it is interesting to note that one could hear a pin drop in the mainstream forums for discussing South Africa’s political and economic system ...

Some questions that would be worthwhile engaging on in mainstream publications for progressives aiming to break with the current political moment:

• Around what program should opposition to the Zuma faction cohere around?

• Will a program centered around “good governance” and anti-corruption be sufficient to successfully rival the Zuma faction and achieve mass support?

• What role has the post-apartheid economic program and structure played in leading the country to this current conjuncture?

• Do we want to center our opposition to the Zuma faction in terms of a defense of a fiscally conservative Treasury?

• What would a genuine program of “radical economic transformation” (the slogan used by Zuma and his acolytes) currently look like and how can we push for it?

• In a global and country context where the capitalist class shows diminished interest in investing, what role should they play in our society?

• What role should a predatory, collusive and parasitic financial sector, that restricts industrial development, play in our society?

I think these are all highly relevant questions for the current moment and it is clear to me that the narrow and cynical harping on about the admittedly bad state of government corruption does little to answer them.


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Important project to have elected officials disclose the taxes they pay.

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#PanamaPapers’ whistleblower is still anonymous.
African leakers can stay anonymous and still help to change the world.
checkout how at

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"Apartheid has been here for ages. Ages."

An Israeli television comedian provided some food for thought on the living conditions of Palestinians.

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