Am moderating a conversation with Vice President Biden tomorrow about the President's recent proposals to reduce gun violence.   

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have for the VP- here on this post. 

Our guests will include  +Guy Kawasaki +Philip DeFranco  +Kimberley Blaine among others.

Again this is not an interview by me-  my job is primarily to moderate.
All our guests will be representing their own points of view and they have large communities of their own (which I'm sure will send many thousands of questions their way).

Couple of small but important requests I have as you leave questions (the +PBS NewsHour way)
-Be civil
-Think Question not just comment
-If you'd like to point (link) to what you consider an important data point that supports your question, do share. 


The #GooglePlusHangout  will be live-streamed on the WhiteHouse YouTube channel as well as embedded several places including at 

145pm Eastern 1/24

Share this post, and join me tomorrow. Thanks. 
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