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John Velasco attended the launch event for me. Check out his thoughts on the DJI Spark in this video, then read the article for my thoughts. 

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I'm still updating the post with more details, but the DJI Spark is officially announced. Give me a few minutes, then check it out here!

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Guess what I'm doing this evening? That's right, reading through law books and court documents.

Not fun, exactly, but super important. I never minded the FAA registration requirements, they were strict, sure, but relaxed enough that we could still fly fairly freely. Now the FAA may have to completely revamp the laws, this could get ugly for pilots.

The next 7 days were going to be exciting for drone coverage already, (DJI news and DJI Goggles inbound!) now things might just get nuts. Stay tuned.

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O? Why yes, Android O. Joe did one of his great jobs covering these new operating systems, check it out.
Android O beta came out today, so I did a little video on it :)

Actually, it's short, but there is TONS of info in it from the beta and from Google I/O 2017 :)

I hope everyone enjoys it! Share it with friends if you did (if you wanna) :) Feedback is always welcome.

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The show is live. A pretty basic pre-Google I/O podcast, filled with blue hair, car crashes, electric skateboards, polls about root, HTC 10, LG market share and more.

Enjoy Android Authority Podcast 108.

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Don't hesitate, if you are looking to get your hands on the DJI Goggles, order now.

No, I don't mean after a good night's sleep, or later today, chances are, if you are reading this any more than a handful of hours after I post it, it's too late.

My Goggles will be here soon, you know you'll hear about it.

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Gentle reminder, DJI Goggles are a thing now! I can't wait to get my hands on them here at home. FPV goggles for the Mavic Pro and higher DJI Drones, plus HDMI input for most other video source input. Video game goggles anyone?

I spent a few minutes with the Goggles attached to a Mavic Pro with +DJI in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, check it out:

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This article is underrated. If your are looking for a drone starter guide, simple best practices, to learn some of the legal of flying and want an idea of what machine you can get started with for a reasonable price, this is it.

I know I'm just a proud author promoting my stuff, but I really do think this is a great read before you start shopping for a drone.

Stay tuned for a full overhaul soon, I want to split this into a full on guide and a separate list of machines worth purchasing. Feel free to send me some notes if you have any suggestions.

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Well played.

"Look, I'm first author!"

Happy excuse-me-while-I-go-watch-some-fun-movies day. 

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Did you ask me why I was in Las Vegas this past week? Well, if nothing else, this is why:

New DJI Goggles, new DJI Gimbal and drone remote and drone remote signal booster and 100MP Hasselblad camera for drones and a full conventions center packed with broadcast media tools and hardware.

It was the NAB Show, but I have to thank +DJI specifically for inviting us out, we may have skipped the convention had it not been for them.

There were two consumer level items at the convention that I will be purchasing, these DJI Goggles and a 360 cam from Insta360, but I'll talk about the camera a little more later. 
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