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Pastor Nancy Advincola
God, Jesus Chris, Family and Loving Life
God, Jesus Chris, Family and Loving Life

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Good Morning Everyone:

The purpose of the post is to open your eyes and mind to the manner in which certain establishments make their money ... Take your time while you read each line; because today it could be us and tomorrow if your not vigilant ... #GodBless,

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The Bible addresses topics, so that the Body of Christ and those who are still debating on whether to take that leap of faith ... That's the awesome part about those 66 books; because it talks to all ages, nationalities and both men & females, too ... #GodBlessYou,

Bundle up everyone, because it's extremely cold outside ... Lord, please give to all those that have no place to shield them against these freezing temperatures?

Care to join us in this prayer?  

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A prayer should benefit not only the person who's lifting his or her need up to the Lord; but others, too ... On that note, care to join us in regard to praying for these families? #HaveABlessedSundayEveryone,

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Just because we're Pastors, it doesn't mean that we can't address other issues that affect society, too ... #HaveSaturdayEveryone,

We'll be sharing with all of you, some mindful topics ... Thus, sit back, relax and have a blessed Friday, along side of your love ones ... #HaLLeLuJaH,
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