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Acer Chromebook R11
Readers of this channel might have noticed over time, that I am very open to unconventional things, such as chromebooks. And yes, I am also known to canibalise stuff, e.g. chromebooks to cheap and cheerful Linux Laptops. Well, the chromebook got a new boost...

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Finally: The PEx/Al/PEx Loop!
Yeah, that was a good one today. I took a couple of hours for tinkering and finally got to build my long planned magnetic loop aerial made from the recently discovered light weight copper substitute PEx/Al/PEx. As previously mentioned, RG213 snug fits into ...

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Printer HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fw
Sorry for the long silence on this channel. There were so many things on my plate, I had no time sharing any of my latest IT (Linux) adventures. For my place in TO (Toronto, Ontario), I thought it might be important to finally upgrade my IT with a printer. ...

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More Pipe Speaker Improvements
The last issue I had with all of my PVC-Voigt-Pipes: resonance of the horn. I read about it, I knew about it... and now, I was bugged by it too. The solution is very simple: a tripe of cleaning cloth, just below the joint of the driver unit to the horn. The...

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Pipe Dreams revamped
My prototype pipes always lacked a certain tonal depth. In the past, I laid that down by the fact that I was using 2" pipes ( have a look ). The drivers I was using to that time came from a TV set. While this drivers taught me a lot and enabled some experim...

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Acer C7 Chromebook on Linux for good
Having played with the device again for a while, I realized that not that much changed concerning the use of Chromebooks. With C7 with its HDD is surely less snappy as the Samsung Chromebook, although graphics performance is a lot better. I figure, a real c...

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ACER Chromebook mounts SMB shares
A few years ago, you might actually find it on this blog, I bought an ACER Chromebook. At the time, the hope was to hack it, get some 3rd party BIOS on it, or temper with it in weird ways. Nothing of that happened actually. Chrome-OS serves the purpose in m...

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Huawei P9 monochrome camera - red filter
Having a "monochrome" camera, i.e. a camera that records luminosity only, rather than RGB colors, allows for the good old color filter tricks, without reducing image quality, just as in the days of B&W film. Personally, I would prefer to call the camera fil...

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Huawei P9 monochrome camera
Did some comparative photographs today, comparing the desaturated JPEGs from the regular camera and the JPEGs created by the monochrome camera. The files can be found on this flickr album . Note that files from the regular camera are indicated by "cof" whil...

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Huawei P9 - MONOCHROME mode
Please, HUAWEI, please release a new firmware in which the B&W-camera's data can be written to a DNG-file! Why oh why would I commence a blog post like this? The hope is that HUAWEI, through a supposedly simple firmware-update, could make this a premium B&W...
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