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I wish G+ would stop preaching new features to me and asking me to take the tutorial. Listen G-bro, I'm sure I can figure it out, and to be honest, I kind of assumed you already had these features until you blatantly came out and told me that you didn't before and do now.

I'd like to thank the internet for introducing me to Grails. I don't know if they're going to join my favorites yet, but they're certainly among my preferences.

Never freeze a banana

I think I've decided to be more political, serious, and less trollish here on G+. Don't tell anyone.

Having a tv as a secondary monitor has briefly changed my life. There's so much more room for internet activities!


Watching the first episode of LOST. I know someone who will be so proud of me.

Turns out there's a sale going on for software all over the internet, called the "internet discount" or as I like to call it "Piracy"

If I can make a snow man tomorrow, I will feel a lot better about life.
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