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#Bluboo#Maya #Max  supports wet-hand operation. Any progress of individual will result in the progress of the whole industry and society.
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Sres de Bluboo I am very angry and disappointed of you. My newly received Maya Max does not work, the battery does not charge. I would like an email where I can raise my situation in order to solve it. I live in Argentina and Everbuying who sold me in pre-sale, does not give me solution. My email is o +5491157746938
As we wish a prosperous New Year to Bluboo Mobile, we hope that in 2017, there will be better product support for all the 2016 products in terms of relevant firmware updates available globally.
Pls my bluboo x550 touch pad stopped working, pls how will I get the touch pad cos it not available here in Nigeria 
+balogun mathais Please contact:- Luís Grilo Bluboo support from Portugal Gmail: Outlook\Skype: Instagram\Twitter: asterisco_23 Facebook: Luís Grilo His blog: - Codi404
May be he can help you. 
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