Avination makes major code contribution to OpenSimulator
Avination announced yesterday that they are making a major code contribution to OpenSimulator core ( http://blog.avination.com/2015/09/15/avination-donates-server-code-to-opensim/ ), seemingly containing all or most of their code improvements over the last few years, including their SL-like physics engine ubOde, vehicle sim crossing, parcel privacy and banning. The code has been adapted for merging into OpenSimulator core, and is at present merged into a special branch for testing and fixing, before the final merge ( http://opensim-dev.2196679.n2.nabble.com/Avination-donation-td7580579.html ).

Ubit Umarov, who has worked with the AuroraSim project and Avination, has been appointed OpenSimulator core developer to handle the merge ( http://opensimulator.org/viewgit/?a=commit&p=opensim&h=0f6c3fb24265b8e63815e50e4b62c73a4cee31ac ).
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