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"I don't want to discuss banal things like compile time, learning curve, or community size". Right. Or any other thing where Java is a clear winner.

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#Ceylon 1.3 is now available, with support for #Android, Node Package Manager, WildFly Swarm, services, fat jars, and a brand-new #IntelliJ IDEA-based IDE!

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Friday's concert was so awesome I just have to see it again. 

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No mention of Gayle Ann Dorsey, but other than that, I agree. 

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Ceylon 1.2.1 ya está disponible
We've done it again! Ceylon 1.2.1 containing some important fixes and changes was released today. Go and get it now!

Almost 100 issues were closed, including new features, improvements and bug fixes such as:

- you can now iterate java.lang.Iterable values in for statements and use java.lang.AutoCloseable values in try statements,
- support for Java 9 and Jigsaw modules,
- experimental support for type functions on the JVM,
- reduced run-time dependencies for your Ceylon program,
- better interoperation with JavaScript arrays,
- better compatibility with previous and future Ceylon releases.

The rest you can read here:

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I've never done good things
I've never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue
I want an axe to break the ice
I wanna come down right now.

This is my favorite Bowie song, probably because it's such an absolute fucking downer. I remember listening to it for the first time as a kid and thinking how is it possible for a song to be this fucking sad. The music spoke to me.

Then I saw the video and it blew me away. The image of the clown leading the funeral court with the bulldozer behind will forever haunt my mind.

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A very simple web service written in #Ceylon, using Spring's simple JAX-WS exporter.

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Al fin!

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JavaCup MX 2015: Un concurso abierto a todos los residentes en México. ¡Inscríbanse ya!

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