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REMINDER: Our monthly google hangout is this coming Monday! See you all at 9:00am. I will post a link on here Monday morning :)

I don't know about you all, but I feel really recharged and motivated after our time together last week. The network gives me so much inspiration!!
Thank you all for your participation and continued dedication to this program. It would (quite literally) be nothing without all of you and the amazing work you are doing in your communities and around the region. Take some time this morning/today to send some follow up emails or calls to people you connected with and keep the momentum going!

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Here is a short & sweet invite you can share around with folks for our meeting next week

Hey guys, SCS is meeting with Murkowski staff on Friday of this week. All the work we do is heavily influenced (for better or worse) by policy, so now more than ever it is important that we engage with policy makers to ensure the future of our region is protected...
Please send myself or Andrew at SCS any one-pager breifs you may have regarding your projects and the areas of work that you are concerned about. For example, I found out last week that the funding we get for CDFI's like Spruce Root is on the chopping block, meaning we could lose all funding that comes from the federal level which is really essential especially for smaller CDFI's like Spruce Root. So I will be providing a one-page case study on how significant these small business loans are in creating jobs and economic prosperity in SE Alaska.
Please let me know if you have questions or want to work on this together, or send me what you have so we can be sure it is covered in their meeting on Friday. SCS is a good policy advocacy group and we can each leverage their skills as an SSP partner. 

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Hey guys,
John Hillman in Hoonah is looking for funding to tear down some dilapidated homes (15 to be exact) in the community. I'm trying to help him find some funding for this, but haven't had much luck yet. Do any of you have ideas or have seen similar projects happen in your communities? 

Our next google hangout will feature Lia and Colin to discuss the Food Hub project they are working on. Originally our hangout was scheduled for next monday the 27th, but we are going to push it back a week to March 6th from 9-11am.
We will also discuss the meeting in Juneau coming up on March 16th & 17th. Don't forget to register for SE Conference Mid-session summit and make your travel arrangements!
See you all on the call!

Hey all, I've been gone on leave the past two weeks, but getting back into the office starting Monday. We have our monthly hangout that day, I don't have much by way of an agenda, so please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see covered/discussed, otherwise I'll see you all on the call Monday morning!

Here is a handout that was prepared for us following the Community Engagement workshop that we had during our annual retreat.
How is everyone coming along with their community engagement activities? Anyone having trouble figuring out what activity to do? Any lessons learned or insights from those who have already held a public meeting or other community engagement activity?

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Hello and happy Monday! Since we have the Christmas holiday this month, our next hangout is sooner than normal, on December 19th. Check out the attached agenda here and let me know if you have other ideas or thoughts to include for our discussion coming up in 2 weeks!
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