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Demis Lyall-Wilson
writer | vfx | superstar
writer | vfx | superstar

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Monday afternoon vibe...

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I'm a fallen Jedi Knight
All the younglings I did reap.
In me Obi had his faith,
But my betrayal ran deep.

He left me beaten and burning,
My arm and legs were lost!
I was turned to the Dark Side,
My wife's life it did cost!

And though I feel there no good left in me
My son he says differently and he implores,
He says there's still good left in me,
Please do something to end the maniacal war!

...and then I threw the Emperor into the heart of the Death Star, yet he somehow survived to run an organization known as the Va-Tican.

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Seems legit.
We're pretty sure this footage is 100% real.

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Someone's really gonna answer for this one in the afterlife... #wtf

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Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated (on Twitter) #RIPdemis  

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Six crappy YouTube punsters with the exact same idea, reviewed.

(Note: no pigs were harmed in the writing of this piece)
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