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Run For the Harrison Hills! (Harrison Hills II, Part A)
Memorial Day 2015, the southern half of the Harrison Hills segment of the Ice Age Trail proved to be a grueling beast of a journey. Beautiful country, rolling terrain, and a practically biblical plague of wood ticks would test the patience, endurance and sa...

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Gear Up Heads Up! Kelty Cosmic Down.
We're still mired in the snow and cold of winter here in Wisconsin, but now is an excellent time to gear up for the coming season. Clearing out old stock, has a bunch of things on sale. Catching my eye are: - Kelty Cosmic Down 41 Degree : Si...

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Made a trip to REI again
So, solo hiking is fun and all, but I'd rather go hiking with friends. So, I've been working on getting some of them to join me. My friend Kevin seems the most eager to get out on the trail with me, so we've been preparing him to go hiking with me this summ...

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Late 2015 Gear List #2
So, I've already done a Budget Gear List . But let's say quality of gear is more important than low prices. I still stand by my recommendations on the above list, and it'll probably be a LIGHTER list than this one, but I'm somebody who wants durable equipme...

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Bug Spray
So, our hike in the Harrison Hills region was a real wakeup as to the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of DEET, the most common active ingredient in bugspray. I sprayed myself up good, but it wasn't effective in the least. Not even with periodic reapplicatio...

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Restless Wilderness' End of 2015 Budget Gear List
Backpack: Jansport Klamath 55R Store: REI Outlet $107.73  Weight: 57oz My previous gear list had a phenomenal deal on the Katahdin 50L pack. The Klamath is the katahdin's external frame brother. Yes. Let me be clear. the Jansport Klamath packs are External ...

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Gear Research: Inexpensive Trekking Poles
So, if you saw my last post , you can see one of the many reasons why I'm a fan of trekking poles. I also like my ankles to stay unbroken and functional. Those of you who know me offline know that this is a battle I do not always win. Those of you just tuni...

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One of many reasons you want to have trekking poles...
Just came across this video that shows pretty well why Trekking poles are a worthwhile investment. Don't hit the trail without your Hiker's 4 Wheel Drive, folks.

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Update on Water Filtration
After extended use of my  MSR Sweetwater  hiking filter, I became unsatisfied with the filter. It was a pain to clean, requiring excessive scrubbing with the included brush, and I kept encountering flow issues after only 1.5-3 liters filtered after cleaning...

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Gear Review: Merrell Moab Low-cut hiking shoes
One of several deals I got from the REI Garage Sale, these were bought more for running around town/going for walks than for on-trail use. They were designed for trail use, certainly, but they aren't what I want in a trail shoe. I'm high-wear on my footwear...
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