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Ama Lovely
For every muffin in a bakery, there is a fluffy dog sniffing hibiscus fluers.
For every muffin in a bakery, there is a fluffy dog sniffing hibiscus fluers.

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Dreams that are Overrun by Explosives
Head Oasis is a new cognitive state at the beginning of sunrise unlike any espresso or energy pill, Head Oasis beckons the deal. Picturesque lagoon ....................

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Lossless Gloss
How and when, as the wind swept the leaves, across the land of air dried bodies at the stagnant river embankment, can you catch a twenty? Stale twigs are rustling in the distance. Perhaps a mangy cat is rallying a pack of dogs for an intense chase. The near...

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I Only Ever See Myself Dying
I only ever see myself dying and being alone forever I am the ruiner. Whatever.

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As Lost as a Piece of Sappho's Writing
I do not wish to intrigue you any longer for the sake of ruining more then what is already falling apart. We unraveled theories of disproportionate claims to make us seem more real. It is just not our time and I do not want to be in a pool for the pickings....

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Money Moon and Racer Dreams
Remember on Wednesday at the scenic overlook, the fog rose and the crowd gathered to witness an array of seagulls chanting the new hymn at the start of a new planetary system. We were once a human race, however, drugs broke our systems. We met with the clow...

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A growth departure languid loose deseases and defecting madness pure plum puzzel moisture forget a thought and bring a new one to the table. Deter on the spectrum of voluptuous necessity, the color has yet to reveal the negative or a neutron. Hazard subscri...

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Not Getting the Answers
Have I made the mistake of I don't want to be her the connection is off a quiet room thoughtful projections of the glycemic index scarlet ibis rationing of the emotions in conjecture to food what to have and not to have

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Villainous Variety
Your venom drips into an hourglass, and the raw heaping heathen licks it's lips with demonstrative intentions. How can you continue to devolve? The ticking time bombs are decreasing time and increasing in destruction. You are doomed to implode.

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It is Written on the Moon
Ending on a lighter note, from once it began, shovel that ice cream up to your mouth and aspire for a happiness all your own. You can be yourself. Scapegoat if you must. Muscle up the mountain. Ridgeback whale, doling out the wealth, grain for the fields of...

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A Tribunal of Dispartides
That opal over there, yes that brilliant opal. Just open your eyeball please! I endure your touch of the opal. Place that sacred stone in your palm. We become equalized by the effects of the opal. The sequential spiritual properties are among the greatest t...
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