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The reason is simple... piracy.  This is the reason Witcher 3 was released on console!  A previous PC only franchise (Witcher 2 was belatedly on 360)  made the switch on the third instalment.  Witcher 2 was pirated a massive 4.5 million time by 2011 (who know what that figure is now) hence 360 release to recoup costs.  The 'something for nothing' brigade are slowly destroying their own market, and propping up the console market, and they do not even realise it!!  The stakes have become so high in the AAA gaming arena that only a GUARANTEED return will convince large publishers to invest in development.  Piracy has truly eluded the 8th gen consoles so big name publishers know that big money is potentially available.  Ever wonder why there are so few PC AAA exclusives? I have been a PC gamer for well over 2 decades but the sheer amount of entitlement for free stuff in the PC market is astounding!!  Why should a dev concentrate on a platform like this only to have the vast amount of work downloaded from a torrent site?   And then there is the curse of the custom build.. yes it is amazing to custom build.. to see the fruits of your endeavour come to fruition.. but such is the diversity of combinations of set-ups that devs do not have the funding and resources, due to previous mentioned piracy, that games are released half-baked and slowly patched up over time on PC.  It is not coincidental that big brand PCs are now investing in dedicated development, as with the consoles, so off-the shelf big brand PCs are outperforming custom builds irrelevant of spec (see Dying Light and Alienware as an example). This is why PC, as a platform, is treated as a second-class citizen... because, in terms of profit and 'potential' profit, it is!!
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