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I'd be pleased with this pick at #28. He would pair very well with Jones. We would immediately have the most athletic pair of safeties in the league. And two guys that could both cover TE's effectively. And Peppers is a tackling machine as a run stopper.

Very pleased indeed.

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Free agency grading from ESPN: C

"but are they better today than they were at the end of the season? Not really. "

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Dunbar goes to the Rams and Dmac stays

Cowboys Mobile: Running Back Darren McFadden Signs One-Year Deal To Remain With Cowboys

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Well....we do love to draft TE' there's that.

Add another First Rounder to the OLine

Cowboys Mobile: Cowboys Agree To Terms With OG Jonathan Cooper, Shoring Up OL Depth

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$10 mil over 3

Thoughts on a possible Romo trade to Houston.

I think the compensation would go something like this....

We flip flop 1st round picks with Houston. That would be #25 for #29. Not that big of a deal. Second, I think we could get a 3rd round and 6th round pick in addition. I doubt any other players are involved in the trade.

I think its a fair trade in what essentially will be an impact 3rd rounder and a flyer in the 6th for Houston to take on most of Romo's contract, allowing us to clear up $14 million in cap space.

I think its a great deal for us, as we are mainly concerned with drafting and developing players in house. The more chances you get to do that, the better off your team will be.

For Houston, they get a 4-time Pro Bowl QB who may have two years left, but paired with one of the best defenses in the league, might be just enough to get them to the Super Bowl. Plus Deandre Hopkins is a stud and needs someone to get him the ball. Their opportunity is now and they need to go all in to make it happen. 

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Brice is staying.
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