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China Shock: Bystanders caught on tape ignoring 2-year-old accident victim

A graphic video showing a toddler in a brutal car accident is triggering massive online reaction in China.

A surveillance camera in Foshan tracked every detail, as a van ran over two-year-old Yue Yue.

Sina Weibo has a page dedicated to her story and the accident, which took place on Thursday.

The video is so disturbing, we chose not to air it on CNN/News Stream tonight (and do brace yourself, if you choose to see it - it is VERY graphic.). It shows a number of witnesses walk by and ignore the stricken child. It also shows another van run over her a second time.

Minutes tick by until, finally, a trash collector sees Yue Yue and carries her to the side of the road.

Eventually, her mother appears and rushes her to the hospital. And again... every single moment is captured on closed-circuit television.

On this page, you can see a screen capture after the accident. Yue Yue is lying on the ground, motionless.

Both drivers have been apprehended by police.

Yue Yue's mother has opened a verified Weibo account to update the public.

Three hours ago, her post read: "Yue Yue is still at the I.C.U. and cannot breathe on her own. But she has slight feelings in her hands and feet [...] Thank you for all your care and support."

Chinese Netizens have expressed outrage and are reflecting on the state of morality in modern China.

Thousands are using the hashtag, "Please end the indifference" (请停止冷漠) to raise awareness online.

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