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The New Year brings with it some changes to Federal Estate Tax effective January 1, 2016, as this article points out. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones be caught unaware, as these can be very costly errors & Uncle Sam is unforgiving. If you need an Estate Tax Planning Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, contact my office for guidance, to assure that your Plan provides the tax planning you & your family should have.…/estate-planning-in-2016-heres-what-yo…

As a Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning Lawyer, I agree that these five points are a great starting place, in pointing out pitfalls to creating a solid & secure Estate Plan. There are many more. If you need a Fort Lauderdale Estate Planning lawyer to create or update your Estate Plan, please contact my office for guidance. Together, we can develop a plan that is right for you & your loved ones.

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As a Fort Lauderdale Probate Lawyer, I can confirm that almost 2/3 of Americans do not have a Will. Those without children may think they do not need one, but as this article clearly points out, that can lead to a disposal of your assets in ways you had not intended. Wills, Trusts & other Advanced Directives are essential tools to secure your personal & financial legacies. If you need a Fort Lauderdale Probate Lawyer to help you develop the right plan, contact my office for guidance and we’ll work on your plan together.  

I hear unfortunate stories similar to the one below, on a regular basis. The best way to avoid such difficult decisions at end-of-life moments for yourself & your loved ones, is to have your Advanced Directives in place long before they become necessary. If you need a Fort Lauderdale Advanced Directives lawyer to assist with the proper documentation, please contact my office for legal guidance.  
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