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Kyle Machulis
Engineer, arter, teledildonicist, cube
Engineer, arter, teledildonicist, cube

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Boot2Gecko: An Open Platform Phone for your Open Platform Body.

Stelarc ( visited me while he was in the Bay Area to talk about some projects.While he was at my place, I realized I had a Boot 2 Gecko phone, and he had an extra ear, so, you know, why not?

(Explanation: the man with the ear arm in the photo is Stelarc, an austrailian performance artist who was visiting the bay area rightnow. The ear is quite real, at least, in that it is a physical part of him, grown from stem cells and surgically implanted using a bio-base that has now become actual tissue. It's part of an ongoing piece, which at some point will actually have an implanted mic which will broadcast audio the ear hears to the internet. He was visiting me to talk about some projects and I had my B2G phone handy and couldn't resist. This is how you future proof your technology, people.)

(Note: Stelarc in no way endorses B2G, he was just nice enough to loan me his arm for the picture. Neither does Mozilla endorse putting ears on your arm.)

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Keepon robot control via Kinect camera, demoed via goth dance

Kinect Keepon Control Demo

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Yaaaaay controls gotten! We're on our way to having a completely computer controlled keepon

Keepon Hacking Proof of Concept

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Ok, time for the EEs to speak up

I'm working on reverse engineering the MyKeepon bot right now, the repo is at

You can also check my twitter stream for the last two days for the real time talking-to-myself stream.

Anyways, the board provides various obvious taps for the i2c line between the two processors. However, now that I've got commands done, I'm finding that I'm not quite sure how to actually become the master node in order to issue commands to the motors/sound/etc... It seems like shorting the available V line on the pads might take the whole 3.3v side of the board with it. It could also be that idea actually works and the fact that I haven't shifted the arduino I'm using down from 5v could be causing it to not communicate. Any ideas? is the circuit board I'm working with. is the documentation of the protocol that's finished so far.

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Oh yeah. And here he is dancing to Ryoji Ikeda.

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Working on reverse engineering the new MyKeepon robot. So much for a warranty.

Board annotations are at

Git repo for code, datasheets, etc... at

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Because sometimes, you need to put a penis in traces on a circuit board.

And use a via for balls.

I present, the Pen15 board. Designed by Birdbrain Labs (it's the 'actually usable' version of my circuit from my class in Rotterdam last year:, for use in the Kinect Teledildonics course I'm doing at CMU next month (

I'll most likely be doing the workshop again other places after the CMU one, will post here and other places as the schedule happens.

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This is far, far more disturbing than it has any right to be.
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