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Rails 3 routing for CFWheels plugin -
cfwheels-coldroute hosted on GitHub
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Like the style, this movie will be epic!
New 'Hobbit' images reveal 4 more dwarves - plus, we have a behind-the-scenes photo of Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) encountering Elf King Elrond (Hugo Weaving).
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A web developer walked into a bar. But quickly left when he saw the table layout.
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I just made that up. I even impress myself at times :)
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This movie will be hell to shoot!
Check out the first image of Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in 'The Hobbit'. How does the actor look as the powerful dwarf warrior?
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Sean Bonner originally shared:
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Railo Server is a fast, free, easy-to-use open-source web application server. It will get you up and running in minutes, and with it you can

RCMP camera captures streaking fireball in northern Alberta

A patrol camera mounted inside an RCMP officer’s vehicle caught a fireball streaking across the night Prairie sky north of Manning.

Star Wars Wilhelm

Access to to the Wilhelm scream right at your fingertips, with a star wars 'theme' El acceso a al grito Wilhelm a su alcance, con el "tema"

Chauffage Brisebois V & Fils Inc, Fournaises, Deux-Montagnes

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CS Overflow - Overview and Installation

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Alkalinity And Calcium Dosing/Programming Reefkeeper with BRS Dosing Pumps

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Two Walls One Rail - Simple Spring Parkour Fun

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Checkin' out Paul's 240-gallon Custom Reef Tank Build Part I

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R2D2's secret mesage

The REAL message R2-D2 had for Obi-Wan. LOL, Enjoy I haven't had much time on my hands lately, this was a test of my new video editing progr

Kendo UI

The HTML5-based, jQuery-powered A-Z solution for building modern web applications.

End Piracy, Not Liberty – Google

Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills bef

Google Nose BETA

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Tinycon - Favicon Alert Bubbles

Tinycon. A small library for manipulating the favicon. Tinycon allows the addition of alert bubbles and changing the favicon image. Tinycon

Toy Story (The Walking Dead Version)

Since we've all been talking about the similarities between the two. Figured I'd take it a step further. More on creating this video here: h

Dad Photoshops Family Trip Photos to Convince His Kids that Ewoks Exist

It's a big no-no when newspapers or photographers manipulate photos to alter reality, but when a father playfully does it to mess with his k

This date in science: Largest volcanic eruption in recorded history | Ea...

Mount Tambora sent so much crud into the atmosphere that it blocked the sun, leading to what became known as the Year Without a Summer in 18