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Words have power! Use them wisely!
Words have power! Use them wisely!

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Write the Town 2016: Poems from Sites in Salem, Oregon by Poets of the Mid-Valley Poetry Society
Write the Town 2016: Poem from Sites in Salem, Oregon by Poets of the Mid-Valley Poetry Society is a short collection filled with poems that offer a taste of Salem, Oregon through the eyes of several poets who participated in Write the Town. The chapbook is...

I'm grateful that even though it's 90+ degrees outside, we don't yet need the air conditioner to keep the house comfortable. #gratitude #noairconditioner #openwindows #summer

I'm grateful that sometimes starting to write helps me discover what I need to write. #gratitude #writing

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This flower inspired me to write this poem...

The Lone Bloom

The lone bloom
Stands in the midst of green
Shining like a beacon of
Strength and vulnerability
Welcoming the breeze’s touch
Across her petals
Absorbing the sun’s heat
In her stamen
Reveling in the rain drops
Glistening on her edges
She is flexible enough
To bend in the wind
She is strong enough
To hold her petals at attention
In the bright light of the sun
And the pale glow of the moon
The stars echoing her rhythm
As she stands alone proclaiming
Her independence
Maybe someday she’ll welcome
A friend to stand beside her
But for today
She looks into the world
Proclaims she is enough
And wears her beauty
Like an armor to protect her
From the foe who’d
Pluck her from her life
In the name of love

#poetry #writing #inspiration #flowers

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Today is International Yoga Day... I just finished practicing yoga, and my core is definitely aware of today's routine!! I practice yoga 5-7 days a week with few exceptions, and I love it! #yoga #internationalyogaday #selfcare #strengthandflexibility #nofilter #letsmove

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I'm grateful for the music composed by Frederic Chopin. #gratitude #chopin #classicalmusic #music

I'm grateful I got to catch up with my friend, Jessica, over coffee this afternoon! #gratitude #friends #coffee #reasonstosmile

I'm grateful for playful moods. #gratitude #playful #lovelife #reasonstosmile
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