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an agency of smart creatives taking your brand to the world
an agency of smart creatives taking your brand to the world

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How do you turn customer data into action?

We have put together some steps to take as a starting point in developing your data driven action plan. Read on!

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Content Marketing for Manufacturers and Exporters - Bridging the Gap for B2B Businesses

Undermining the stereotype that New Zealand only produces milk and rugby players is the reality that New Zealand has many manufacturers who export high value products around the world. Many have been doing this for decades, but a number are not yet using all of the marketing tools that they could be, to help drive demand in their key marketplaces. #marketingautomation   #contentstrategy  

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Marketing Automation Technology for Non-Profits 

As we move deeper into the world of MA, we are also seeing tremendous opportunities for non commercial organisations to benefit from these technologies for stakeholder engagement and gaining a far more accurate picture of who is engaging in various communities.

We explored some of the many possibilities in our latest blog post: 

#marketing   #marketingautomation   #nonprofitmarketing  

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Interesting to see this commentary from +David Amerland on Evernote content appearing in relation to search results. Obviously this is fully personalised so only the searcher can see it, and only Evernote users with the Chrome extension.
Google Pulling All the Threads Together

You can see the reach of Google's indexing that pulls together different repositories via one search interface. I noticed this, this morning on a search I was carrying out and I then used a vanity search to pull together the piece.  Notice how when logged in Google gives me on the left hand side all the personalized search results. But now on the right hand side I also get a panel that's drawn directly from the Evernote data stored on my computer. Evernote, recently started to use semantic technology to better understand the content of what I am saving and then suggest similar articles from across its network of users. Here the contents of notes saved on my laptop appear directly on Google search. Google then also provides a KG panel of what it has on me, plus personalized data only I can see to complete the picture. 

I only started to see this, today so I am wondering if anyone else is also having a similar experience with content stored on their system (or in the cloud) that Google can see? 

Incidentally this is just the kind of transparency that semantic search makes possible. 

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Is Content Marketing Too Hard for your Business?

The complexities of delivering, dynamic, personalised, relevant content to your different audience groups or personas can be completely overwhelming.

Fortunately the technology is available to make the process a lot easier.

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Excited to see the beta rolling out. Can't wait for our turn to play!

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Organisations in the social services sector are under increasing pressure to provide evidence of the positive outcomes they are achieving with clients. 

Our latest blog post touches on some of the online tools and platforms available to support organisations with measurement, engagement, reporting and consultation processes.

#measuringoutcomes   #analytics   #reporting   #engagement  

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Talking marketing automation, adtech and all that jazz in our latest post - more good stuff to come on the topic.

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Interesting article on some of the things to think about with wearables like the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Plain text emails making a comeback?! (Of course best practice is to ensure you have a plain text version of your email marketing messages as well as the fancy html).

Interested to hear from anyone who has been experimenting with this already.
#applewatch #plaintextemail 

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Engaging with your customers, staff and suppliers is not just something you do on social any more. A new generation of affordable tools is making it easier than ever to connect in real time with your target audiences as they browse your website, improving conversions and ensuring each visitor successfully finds the information they are seeking.
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